Log Wash - Remarkable Cleaning Solution for Bare Wood & Finished Wood Surfaces

Over the years we have discovered many things about cleaning wood. First thing we learned is "common" cleaners like chlorine bleach should never be used to clean your wood. We have also discovered that a number of wood and deck cleaners available at paint and hardware stores, home improvement centers, and Do-It-Yourself outlets contain components that can interfere with the proper performance of water-based finish systems.

Since a true wood cleaner was hard to come by, we developed Log Wash to be the ultimate log home cleaner. Log Wash is the ONLY cleaning product we recommend for use with our finishes. We have tested our cleaning products with our finish systems and have confidence that when properly used and applied, their use will result in the best possible appearance and performance of a Lifeline™ finish.

Log Wash is one of only a handful of cleaning products on the market that has a slightly acidic pH similar to that of wood. Much of our technical literature refer to pH as it relates to its impact on bare wood and finished surfaces. PH is a measure of alkalinity and acidity on a scale of 1 to 14, where 7 represents neutrality and numbers below 7 indicate acidic solutions. On the pH scale, each unit of change represents a tenfold change in acidity or alkalinity. Following is a representation of the pH scale with the pH of some common substances.

pH table

Most wood has a natural pH of around 4 to 6 (measured by grinding up a sample, soaking it in water then measuring the pH of the water solution). From the pictured scale you can see that both bleach and TSP (trisodium phosphate) have a high pH. It turns out that most stripping and cleaning products like dishwashing soap and laundry detergent also have a high pH. Basic chemistry tells us that solutions of any of these products are going to have an impact on bare wood, and the higher the pH the more impact it will have. Of course, solutions having a very low pH like Oxcon™ will have an impact, too, whereas the pH of Log Wash™ is balanced to match the natural pH of wood.

This means that Log Wash, when applied to bare wood, does not disrupt the wood’s chemistry while it removes discolorations due to tannins or chemical imbalances. For cleaning finished wood surface, Log Wash hardens the surface of our finish system and no damage occurs to the finish even with vigorous scrubbing... it's like a MIRACLE!

Log Wash Before & AfterAnother important feature of Log Wash is that it’s easy to tell when it has been sufficiently rinsed off. While rinsing Log Wash, it will foam if any residue remains on the wood. When the foaming stops it’s a good indication that the wall has been adequately rinsed.

Log Wash comes in a concentrated gallon container, and if used with 1 cup per gallon of water will clean 3000 sq.ft. of surface for maintenance cleaning. That's a total of 48,000 sq.ft - the size of a football field! At only $34.78, Log Wash is a value cleaner! It can be used for exterior and interior cleaning. Order now from our online store here.

Have you used Log Wash to clean your log home before? Leave a Product Reviews link here, or review us on Google! We would appreciate your feedback.

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