Restoring And Sealing A 1800s Log Cabin With E-Wood And Perma-Chink

In the 1800s, building techniques were quite different than today’s standards. Homes have withstood the test of time, but despite the best efforts of the craftsmen centuries before and homeowners since, some homes reflect a troubled past.

Log homes that survived decades of storms, floods, and fire deserve to be restored, if nothing more than to be a historical reminder of the frontier life.

With that in mind, let us take you through a restoration of this 140-year-old home using today’s best wood restoration products.

At first glance, check out this chinking joint! Where are the logs? You will see many century-old log homes with large joints.

Wall during repair and before chinking

We like the size of the joints because they need a lot of Perma-Chink chinking.

Because of the size of the joints, other chinking won’t maintain an even application. Perma-Chink will look and work best, sealing the home perfectly.

Wall repaired and sealed with Perma-Chink

Steve at Guardian Log Home Care replaced all the crumbling and leaking old masonry chinking with Perma-Chink Beige. Now the large gaps filled with new chinking are smooth and will provide exceptional protection against weather.

Now let us take a look at another side of the cabin before the restoration.

Wall full of rotted timbers and mold

Logs are rotted and covered with fungus. The first step of repair is to remove rot, then give the logs a nice wash with Log Wash. Once clean, apply M-Balm and E-Wood to the damaged logs.

Rotted wood replaced with E-Wood and texture added to match

Steve added texture and hewn marks to E-Wood epoxy to match the old logs’ look. Knots and distressing are added to create a look like it belongs there.

Logs repaired, sealed and finished with Ultra-2 Walnut

Once the E-Wood has dried, the walls are ready for color. For this log home, the chosen finish is our Lifeline Ultra-2 Walnut, protected with a topcoat of Advance Gloss.

And voila, the wall is beautiful, better than original.

Now lets take a look at another wall.

Rotted wood removed and ready for M-BalmVoids filled, ready for E-Wood

Dry rotted wood was removed and the resulting voids and gaps were filled with pieces of pressure-treaded wood and Grip Strips.

E-Wood shaped and textured to match wall

 Filled with E-Wood, again apply the texture, grain and distressing marks to the E-Wood to replicate the old logs.


This wall was finished with the same Lifeline Ultra-2 Walnut, Advance Gloss, and chinked with Perma-Chink Beige.

What can we say? Steve is very talented and a true Master of restoration!

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