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PERMA-CHINK SYSTEMS 35th Anniversary Celebration

February 2016

PCSgroup35 webWhen it comes to protecting log homes with innovative, safe, and trustworthy products, no name is more frequently called to mind than Perma-Chink Systems, Inc.

What began in 1981 as a simple idea – replacing the rigid concrete-mortar sealant with a flexible chinking material that moves with a log home as it settled – revolutionized the entire log home industry. This product, Perma-Chink Log Home Chinking, looked like traditional mortar but accommodated continuous log movement while maintaining a tight seal between logs. The modern, energy-efficient log home was born.

Over the next 35 years, Perma-Chink Systems has firmly rooted itself as the premier provider of cutting-edge log home sealants, wood stains and finishes, and maintenance products. There are myriad reasons why log home manufacturers, builders, and homeowners around the world count on Perma-Chink Systems – we present the top 12:

  1. Perma-Chink Systems forever changed handcrafted log homes with the industry’s first flexible chinking, replacing rigid concrete mortar or painted splines. With its revolutionary chinking material, Perma-Chink® helped to erase log homes’ previous “drafty” reputation, providing a tight seal between log courses and making log homes warmer and more comfortable than ever before.

  3. Rich Dunstan, Perma-Chink’s founder and president, believes in the importance and power of giving back. The company is a proud partner with ABC’s popular program “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”, helping families in need.

  5. Where other stain and sealant companies try to be all things to all manners of wood buildings, Perma-Chink Systems has always focused on one thing – the comfort and durability of log homes.

  7. Perma-Chink Systems is the log home building industry’s trusted partner for the tightest, greenest, and most impeccably finished log homes in the world. Hundreds of log home manufacturers, general contractors, and builders have turned to Perma-Chink Systems for the past three decades because of the easy application and superior performance of its products.

  9. The same reputation for reliability and durability that has lured homebuilders for 35 years also has encouraged thousands of homeowners to ask for Perma-Chink by name. Homeowners rest easy knowing their homes are finished with the finest, most technologically advanced products in the world.

  11. For 35 years, Perma-Chink Systems has prided itself on solving problems before they happen. Its Shell-Guard® borate treatment stops bugs in their tracks and keeps decay caused by moisture at bay. The best part? A one-time application is typically all it takes.

  13. The Company’s complete line of wood cleaning and restoration products is designed not only to keep wood looking its absolute best but also to extend its life. You can be sure that Perma-Chink’s cleaners will remove dirt, dust, and pollen, renewing the natural beauty of your log home.

  15. Perma-Chink Systems premium Lifeline Ultra-2™ exterior stain with the Lifeline Advance™ clear coat was the first in the Industry with a 5-year warranty. LIFELINE™ stains and finishes for exterior and interior not only protect the wood for years, but also highlight its true beauty and the warranty gives you peace of mind.

  17. Perma-Chink Systems introduced the revolutionary sealant for milled log homes – Energy Seal™. There is nothing on the market that can beat Energy Seal’s natural appearing colors, ease of application, coverage and hiding properties. When applied on your log home, it stops air infiltration, which increases energy efficiency and comfort.

  19. Perma-Chink Systems new online store makes it easier than ever to buy the products homeowners need. Just visit to browse the entire catalog of stain colors, finishes, preservatives, sealants, and cleaners from the comfort of your easy chair.

  21. Perma-Chink Systems knows that an educated customer is a satisfied customer. That’s why the Company developed live workshops and Webinars to walk you through each step of the application process, address pertinent topics, and help to ensure your highest level of satisfaction with every one of Company’s products.

  23. Perma-Chink Systems is dedicated to protecting the environment today and for generations to come. Not only is its LIFELINE™ series of stains and sealants “green,” since clean-up requires only soap and water, it won’t inject toxins or pollutants into the surrounding air or earth. So homeowners can breathe a little easier knowing they’re doing their eco-friendly best for the Earth and themselves.


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  • Perma-Chink is a flexible, textured log home chinking that seals the open gaps between logs to eliminate heat loss and air infiltration. Take a look at our chinking tutorial video.

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