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Soluable Borate Powder Wood Preservative

Armor-Guard is a concentrated borate powder wood preservative that is effective at inhibiting wood rot and pests such as termite, wood boring beetles, and cartpenter ants. Armor-Guard is fine grained and can be used in its powder form or dissolved fully into water and then applied by brush or spray to bare wood. Armor-Guard protects uninfested wood from wood decay and wood destroying insects. All wood surfaces should be clean before applying borate wood preservatives.  

While your log or timber home is being constructed, the edges of crawl spaces, open stud wall cavities, and flooring where base cabinetry will be located will benefit from Armor-Guard treatment in powder form. The powder will stay in those locations long-term and kill cockroaches, carpenter ants, and other wood insects. Armor-Guard powder will still come in handy long after construction is completed as it can be sprinkled into checks and voids before they are sealed. 

When Armor-Guard is dissolved into water it can be sprayed onto wood, controlling insect activity and wood decay by diffusing deep into the wood's fibers. Armor-Guard is a very low-toxicity alternative to highly volatile chemical pesticides that can be hazardous to both humans and pets. 

(Armor-Guard is not available in Canada)

Armor-Guard Available Sizes

Armor-Guard Available Sizes

Armor-Guard borate powder is available in 1 lb bag and 17 lb pail.

Armor Guard Product Information

Product Information


  • Can be used on all wood and wood composites
  • Provides a shell of protection around all treated wood
  • Will prevent and kill termites, carpenter ants, wood-boring beetles and wood rot
  • Does not interfere with the application of high quality wood finishes
  • Easy to mix and apply
  • Colorless
  • Labeled for home owners to use
  • EPA Registered

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