Cobra Rods

Cobra Rods

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Borate Rods

Cobra™ Rods are a way to spot treat decay prone areas such as log ends that are already coated with a finish.

Once inserted into damp or wet wood the borate / copper complex in Cobra Rods dissolves spreading the active ingredients into areas surrounding the rod. This eliminates active decay fungi and helps prevent rot for 8 to 10 years.

Cobra Rods are 7/16" in diameter and are two inches in length. A 1/2" diameter drill bit is used for installation. The installation holes may be plugged with the accompanying plastic plugs or Energy Seal.

A typical six to eight inch round log end will require two 2” long Cobra Rods inserted within 4 inches of the butt end.

Cobra™ Rods are a trademark of Genics Inc., Spruce Grove, Alberta Canada

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Application Rates

For preventative treatment of wood, follow the Recommended Application Rates table below. When treating exposed ends or joints, Cobra Rods should be installed within six inches of the exposed end or joint.

Lumber Size (in)  Spacing (in)   Rods/Hole 


12  1

4 x 6

9 1

4 x 8

7 1

6 x 6

6 1

6 x 8

10 2

6 x 12

6 2

8 x 8

7 2

10 x 10

7 3

4" D

14 1

6" D

8 1

8" D

9 3

10" D

9 3

12" D

8 4


Use a ½” drill bit to drill hole. Drill hole to a depth of at least 3 ¾”. Clean out the hole and insert the Cobra Rod. Insert the plastic plug into the hole.
Using a screw driver twist the plug clockwise. Make sure the top of the plug sets about ¼” below the surface of the wood. Fill the hole with appropriately colored Energy Seal. Smooth with tool or finger. After a few hours the Energy Seal may be stained to match the surrounding area.


five star T Matthews in TN (03/02/15) - "We use cobra rods when we have soft areas in log posts and handrails to keep the rot from going any further."

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