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Cobra Rods

Borate Rods Against Wood Decay

Cobra™ Rods are a way to spot treat decay prone areas such as log ends that are already coated with a finish.

Once inserted into damp or wet wood, a borate and copper complex in Cobra Rods dissolves and then spreads the active ingredients to the area surrounding the rod. This eliminates active decay fungi and helps prevent rot for 8 to 10 years.

Cobra Rods are 7/16" in diameter and are two inches in length. A 1/2" diameter drill bit is used for installation. The installation holes may be plugged with the accompanying plastic plugs or Energy Seal.

A typical six to eight inch round log end will require two 2” long Cobra Rods inserted within 4 inches of the butt end.

Cobra™ Rods are a trademark of Genics Inc., Spruce Grove, Alberta Canada 

Cobra Rods Available Sizes

Cobra Rods Available Sizes

Available in Pack of 10. Cobra Rods are small tubular rods that are about two inches long and an inch in diameter.

Cobra Rods Product Information

Product Information

For preventative treatment of wood, follow the Recommended Application Rates table. When treating exposed ends or joints, Cobra Rods should be installed within six inches of the exposed end or joint.


  • Great for ground-contact wood
  • Targeted Protection
  • EPA Approved

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