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Professional Finish Remover

StripIt is a water-based, non-hazardous pH neutral stain and finish remover. StripIt removes multiple layers in one application. StripIt is odor free and can be used for interior and exterior applications. It will not raise the grain.

StripIt contains no harsh chemicals, is biodegradable and non-flammable, and unlike caustic strippers, StripIt will not darken nor discolor the wood.

Sizes & Prices

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5 Gallon Sample
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Shelf Life

  • 2 Years - protect from freezing.

Application Temperature

  • 40° to 90°

Application Methods

  • Safety equipment, airless sprayer, brush or roller, paint scraper, rags, and pressure washer capable of generating at least 500 to 600 psi.

Surface Preparation

  • Dirt free
Special Instructions
  • Apply from bottom-up, rinse from bottom-up
  • One to two applications, depending on severity
  • Rinse thoroughly from top-down
Coverage Rate
  • 45-55 square feet / gallon


Coverage Rate

45-55 square feet / gallon


four half star Larry (5/24/2017) - "Well Perma-Chink, everything you said was right on track. We are very happy with your products and service, from your happy customers here in Alaska!"

four star Garry (4/19/2017) - "I ordered a couple stripper samples from Perma-Chink and this one worked best for my situation, while it was not a simple fix to my problem it was better than the alternative of sanding or using a media blaster. I highly recommend the free samples for testing first!"

five star Myra (3/16/2017) - "Our contractor used the Strip-It product on the log home that we recently purchased. He used an airless sprayer and then pressure washed the home. It did a great job of removing the dark paint on it. Soon, we will be applying your Ultra-2 stain and Advance topcoat. We couldn't be more pleased with how our project is going so far, so thank you Perma-Chink!"

four star Linda (3/7/2016) - "Thank you! I had an old stubborn finish that I needed to remove, I went to Perma Chinks online store and got free samples of finish removers, StripIt did the job as advertised but it was a lot of work!"

two star J Truelove in TN (07/07/2015) - "Although Perma-Chink makes a host of great products, the finish remover StripIt is not one of them. It does remove some of the finish, but it takes multiple applications and extended latency time beyond what's listed on the label. There are much better finish removers on the market, and most are less expensive. Your money and time will be better spent looking elsewhere. *Note, after you open the product it is not returnable and no satisfaction guaranteed warrant

PCS Response: Thank you for your honest review of Stripit Finish Remover. As a company, we strive to improve our products and services and love to hear feedback from valued customers.  One of the things to take advantage of before starting your project is to order Free Samples to test prior to purchasing, this way you can determine which product better suites your needs.This in turn provides no unexpected performance issues when you are ready to begin your project. Free samples of Cleaners, Finish Removers, and Exterior/Interior Lifeline finishes are available at  24/7 and FREE SHIPPING!

five star S Bernas in PA (04/19/2015) - "Boy that stuff will take anything off!"

four half star B Roosevelt in TN (7/14/2014) - "We received your samples of S-100 and Strip-It to try on our logs. Strip-It worked the best as our finish remover. We were able to leave it on overnight and we used a pressure washer to remove the old finish the next day. Now we are continuing the restoration process and are planning on using more products from Perma-Chink Systems."

five star A Chafin in ID (03/02/2014) - "I really didn’t want the blasted finish on my logs…Strip-It was recommended and worked beyond my expectations."

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