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Epoxy Wood Consolidator

M-Balm epoxy liquid penetrates deeply into porous, deteriorated, dried-out or spongy wood, curing and hardening into a strong, water-resistant mass that includes both the original wood fibers and the epoxy mixture.

The more M-Balm used, the stronger the restored wood member will become. It consolidates the decayed area in preparation for use with E-Wood.

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24oz 1.5 Gal. 10oz Epoxy Kit
$48.07 $199.86 $36.05
mbalm mbalm epoxy kit


  • Restores strength to deteriorated wood
  • Vinegar clean-up
  • Deep Penetrating
  • SDS M-Balm Part A
  • SDS M-Balm Part B
  • Log Repair

Shelf Life

  • 1 Year

Application Temperature

  • 40° to 90°

Application Methods

  • Squeeze bottle
  • Brush and roller

Surface Preparation

  • Clean and dry
  • Moisture content below 15%
Special Instructions
  • See label
  • Do not allow to freeze


five star Susan H in Elizabeth, CO, (04/06/16) - "The M-Balm & E-Wood products perform exactly as expected and advertised! It is a super smart product that helps with repairs to rotted wood. I would give it a 5 out of 5!"

five star R Buchanan in WA, (08/03/2015) - "I use M-Balm & E-Wood, as well as Armor-Guard exclusively in my rot repair business (Inwood Restoration). I can’t say enough good things about your epoxy."

five star J Sheahan in WA, (07/31/2015) - "I had to repair a huge exterior roof support log that had a rot pocket about 15’ long! M-Balm and E-Wood did the job! The repair went very well, I love your epoxy products and Lifeline Ultra-2 finish."

five star A Freida, (07/15/2015) - "I'm so glad I called you and found out about your epoxies. Glad I can stop the rot now and not have to replace the whole log in the future. That would have been a mess! Thanks for your help.

five star S Eschenbacher, Cascade Log Homes & Restorations in MT (07/24/2014) - "I have used M-Balm many times on different woods. It is a good way to patch soft spots (decay) in limited areas. It is easy to use: Mix the two parts together and pour over affected area (use gloves). Mix only what you can use in 20 minutes or less: I had a large project where I mixed a double batch and took too much time applying the M-Balm. My squeeze bottle applicator became hot in my hand (due to the chemical reaction), and bam! It was a hard plug in the bottle! I love this product!"

five star J English in TN (06/05/2014) - "When I emailed you photos of my log decay I was very upset and thinking the worst. After talking to your rep I realized that I could fix it myself. The M-Balm and E-Wood worked wonderful and with your help it turned out perfect. Thank you for the best customer service and outstanding products."

four half star K Bigelow in OR (09/22/2013) - "M-Balm & E-Wood is a fantastic, easy to use system. Worked great to repair a few rotted areas on our cabin"

five star K Westerman in NY (06/20/2011) - "Thank you for the Web-training on how to fix the decay wood on my house. Being able to send you photos and talk about my problem is so valuable. As you suggested I consulted with a Log Home Contractor to make sure the issue was not structural. Using the steps you recommended I was able to fix the decay with the M-Balm and E-Wood. I know I can always count on Perma-Chink Systems to be there for me with top of the line customer service. I am a Perma-Chink customer for life."

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