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Good morning Joanne...

Just wanted to thank you for your great personal customer service and for the outstanding products that Perma-Chink Systems offers; they are without a doubt the highest level of quality that I have ever used on my log home......Thank You to ALL of the Perma Chink people for your Excellent products and Excellent customer service.     

- Rick P.


For now I will continue to move forward with my quest...(DIY) and will stay in touch. I am absolutely sure that Perma-Chink will be my go-to for ALL my Log Home needs.

Thank you again for ALL the helpful information.

All the best!

- Drew W.

Tom D. says:

I used cleaner after cleaner on my 20 year old, completely black log home and the only thing that worked was Wood ReNew. It was like night to day, I couldn’t even believe it.

Dear Mr. Kennedy and Perma-Chink:

My log home has just been restored beautifully by Mark Hoge ( in Oregon.  A rough start because of a short working season wound up to be a wonderful experience.  Once the job was started, they stayed with it until it was finished.  His men were extremely nice and polite and worked tirelessly to get me the best job possible. 

This is my second experience with Perma-Chink and the contractor who built the home in 1988, Dan Nicklason of Bet'r Bilt is still recommending your products.  In 2007, I had a local painter use the corn-cob method and I was pleased with that except my home was in such bad shape, we kept running out of the corn cob.  Anyway, I was pleased then as I am pleased this time.  I feel that Mark knows what he's doing and was very patient in answering my questions.  I would say he is a master at staining.  I am grateful and appreciate Mark and Mr. Kennedy who gave me the names of the people who could help me with Perma-Chink. 

Thank you, most sincerely,

Mary Lynn (Satterla)

Umpqua, Oregon

I am a ticketed carpenter and a ticketed log builder. I believe that if you build with wood you must protect it. I believe that Perma-Chink provides you with the best line of products to do so. They are environmentally friendly and if you apply them as they recommend then they will perform as you expect them to. I use only Perma-Chink products and I recommend you do so as well!
Builder Dave
blaster buddy finish remover1log cabin finish restorationBrenda and I bought a log home in Challis, Idaho in 2015. This home was built in 1980. As with most homes built in this era it was very dark which made it outdated for the present era. We saw the potential this home had, we just needed a lot of advice on how to get it there. After careful review of several companies and their products we chose Perma-Chink.

log cabin finish restoration4I was informed from a good source that builds log homes that Joanne Hamlin with Perma-Chink could help us out with whatever we needed. Boy were they right! I called Perma-Chink for the first time and got hooked up with Joanne. She has been so kind, sweet, considerate, educational, so helpful on how to, what product to use, and how to apply it. Guidance in all areas has just been wonderful experience. Look forward to all future business with Perm-Chink.
Travis Sakellaridis
Challis, ID
Jimmy, thank you for your excellent, courteous and well informed communication. You were able to work with a very unique situation in a very respectful way, and I appreciate that. I would say that Perma-Chink is lucky to have you in their Customer Care Department!
Susan H
Fairfield, IA
Hi Greg! I wanted to thank you for your patience and the assistance you provided regarding staining our log home. Your guidance was extremely helpful. It's people like you who make it a pleasure doing business with Perma-Chink Systems.
Audrey N
Tallahassee, FL
Since 2001 I've been blessed to be able to build log homes. Perma-Chink products have enhanced this fun, adding security in quality products and aesthetics in the beauty of your true colors. Integrity and reliability are cornerstones of your products. Thank you Greg and Perma-Chink!
Mary M.
Dalton, GA
I have been using Perma-Chink products on my century old log cabins and on my newly constructed cabins for 20 years. I cannot say enough about it. The product holds up for what seems forever, and mice and squirrels detest it. The seal the chinking creates has made my old drafty cabins as tight as new ones, making them easy to heat during cold Maine winters.
I use the Log Boss screws for attaching logs when I build with vertical logs. I have also been happy with the Ultra-7 stain and Advance topcoat. All-in-all, great products from a great company!
M. Libby
Libby Camps and Outposts
Ashland, ME
image for Jimmy2image for Jimmy1I wanted to share a few pictures with Jimmy to show him my DIY progress. I will refinish the front door and frame, and clean and stain the porch after I return from a long vacation.
Sherry K
Lexington, TN
In 2014 we constructed a log home in Nebo, North Carolina. This area is located within the Western North Carolina mountain ranges.  Prior to the start of construction an extensive research on materials and products for use on new log home was performed. After thorough evaluation we selected Perma-Chink products for both interior and exterior areas of our home.
We were amazed to find out not only the products were of high quality the application technically superior and the results were beautiful. We had the opportunity to use Perma-Chink materials such as Ultra-7 stain, Log End Seal, and Energy Seal caulking; the Log Wash application had great results. In addition, we were overwhelmed with the professional level and support extended to my contractor and myself by Mr. Greg Sweets of the Knoxville office. 
Greg has been instrumental over the years in helping us with everything from basic product knowledge all the way to understanding the science behind your products to insure optimum results.  We don't recall support representatives from any other company ever being as available and helpful as he has been.
In today's competitive business we found Perma-Chink’s customer service to be most refreshing, and as much of a Lifeline as the product name implies. In addition, it is good to know that Perma-Chink does perform training for the required products for the average home do-it-yourselfer to take on this task and opportunity within a comfortable environment. 
I would like to once again acknowledge Mr. Greg Sweets for his knowledge and his eagerness to assist us with all of Perma-Chink’s products.
In closing, we intend to continue to use and recommend Perma-Chink Systems and consult with the Perma-Chink family to insure soundness and beauty of our log home.  
Barbara & Ron M. 
Nebo, NC
Perma-Chink’s customer service provided by Billy Cash and Jimmy Kennedy has been outstanding, and the products are excellent. We are a new build and have used all Perma-Chink products on our exterior as well as interior throughout our build and are very well please with the application and performance. We have personally done all work on staining and sealing since being jilted by a contractor, so we are pleased to have Perma-Chink by our side throughout this process!
Sonja & Steve L
Cleveland, TN


Everything worked out great and we appreciate all of your help, Greg! Perma-Chink products are the best! I have included a picture of the exterior and interior.
Aaron Mikec
Ridge, PA
Hey folks,
Late yesterday (Monday) afternoon I called and placed an order for a case of Perma-Chink and a gallon of Log Wash through Aaron. I wasn’t expecting the order until Wednesday - optimistically - and maybe later.
I received my order today (Tuesday) about 11 am! It must have got shipped out last night!
I think this kind of service from you folks is awesome! 
So, I want to thank Aaron and whoever else was involved in getting this order out so promptly, and just as importantly to thank the spirit demonstrated by the Redmond Perma-Chink folks to support your customers.
Thank you so much.
Michael Hall

nikole adamson testimonialI am 110% impressed and satisfied with our experience using Permachink products while refinishing our log cabin in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

The cabin we inherited had not been maintained in over 30 years and the harsh winters had really taken a toll. During an 8 day summer "vacation", my husband and I alone were able to strip & sand the 3 bedroom cabin, apply Wood Renew, treat with borate, stain with Lifeline Ultra 7, seal with LifeLine Advance Gloss, and paint all of the chinking with Permachink's Chink Paint. I'm not going to lie.... it was a lot of very, very hard work and it took around 192 man-hours to complete (yes, in 8 days with two people), but we were able to do it ourselves exactly as planned. I'm a dentist and my husband works in IT, so it's not like we have a background in this kind of work! Even using these best of the best materials, we saved over $17,000 from the estimates to have it "professionally" done and dare I say I bet it turned out better.

We plan on using Permachink materials again next summer when we repair the checks and seals. I wish I could post more than one photo to show you what a husband and wife with no experience were able to do in 8 days. I can't speak highly enough of Permachink. Their products far exceeded my high expectations. 

N. Adamson

Many Thanks, to all of the great folks at Perma Chink, especially Billy & Jimmy! Both gave us plenty of good guidance.

T. Phillips
Powell Auction & Realty, LLC
Knoxville, TN

As general contractors and log home refurbishers, a significant aspect of our business is educating log home owners about how to achieve and best maintain the beauty of their home. Whether we are building new homes or refurbishing older log buildings, we want to provide our customers with a beautiful finish for their home that is easy to maintain.

Perma-Chink Systems, Inc. is our go-to source for the most current products for finishing log, timber and cedar homes. Perma-Chink is a great resource, not only for us as professionals, but for our homeowners as well. Our customers are most interested in environmentally-friendly products that are durable as well as beautiful and we know we can count on Perma-Chink for quality products that have been developed using the most current research.

One of our recent customers commented after the complete restoration of her log home, “Our home POPS now!” Using Perma-Chink products gives us the confidence that our customers will be happy with their home for years to come.

- Mike & Sue Vinton

Thanks Terry for personally visiting my project and your help with the mold and mildew problem on the log home. Per your recommendation we used the log wash on the logs which totally removed all the mold and mildew.
We then stained using Lifeline Ultra 7 followed by the Lifeline Advance clear coat which resulted in a beautiful stained exterior. Of course we also used Permachink exclusively for the interior finishes. We continue to get many compliments on the finished product. Will never use anything but your products. Thanks again!

coyne before coyne after
Before After

Builder/Dealer for Tomahawk Log and Country Homes
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I have had the pleasure of being associated with Perma-Chink Systems for almost my entire working career.  I can say that the people and products at PCS have made it a most enjoyable experience. I have seen this product line go through many changes over the last 23 years, with the key emphasis on quality and dependability. Perma-Chink log home chinking is far and away the industry standard for synthetic mortar. My customers have often told me that they refuse to use any other brand. It is easy to apply even for homeowners and beginners, which is a big plus for me when recommending this product. Its durability and strength are unsurpassed. When people are putting their hearts and souls into their “dream home”, you need a product that can deliver results.

PCS’s line of log home finishes are by far and away the most bang for your buck in the industry. Ease of application and performance again are key selling points of these products. When you make your living selling log home stain, you need to believe in that product. I believe in Lifeline Finishes!

The performance of all of these products makes my job easier, but customer support from PCS is paramount. Greg Sweets’ service to Timeless Wood Care Products over the years has been nothing short of phenomenal. We have many vendors (freight, caulk guns, furniture, etc.) and I can say that Greg beats them all, hands down. If I place an order with Greg, I have confidence that it will arrive in an accurate and timely manner EVERYTIME. If for some reason there is a rare problem, Greg will take care of it, no questions asked.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Dave Dikeman
Timeless Wood Care Products

We have been using Perma-Chink Lifeline stains and products in our log home business for over 20 years. That in itself says something about the products and services from Perma-Chink since there are several companies available to buy from and over the years, many have sent reps attempting to get our business. Perma-Chink stands behind their products and their products have performed well for us over the years, such as Lifeline Ultra 2 stain.

Greg Sweets, the customer service representative is always friendly, eager to help with information, and prompt in communicating an order status. We know we can count on Perma-Chink to help us achieve our goal of having satisfied customers.

Sandy Kiper
Rocky-K Log Homes & Construction, LLC

This is a response from our customer after receiving a follow up letter about their order from Shar at our Rifle, CO branch:

"Thank you Shar. You are perhaps the best customer service person I have spoken to in a very long time."  P Klein

“I personally wanted to write a letter of thanks to Greg Sweets for his continued support over the years. His knowledge of the products and different field situations is unmatched. His willingness to help and assist in product information goes above and beyond what is expected. Many times I have called him for help with a particular situation and after our conversation I at least had a direction to follow. As anyone who does Log Home Restoration will attest to, every cabin lends a different set of problems and it sure helps to have a sounding board such as Greg to draw on different ideas and suggestions as to what may be going on with many different kinds of problems that arise.

I would also like to say that the products Perma-Chink Systems produce in my opinion are the best on the market. If they were not I would not suggest them, and I would us another product as many are available. One of the products that we have used for years, and that I feel is one of the most important, and probably the best, is Prelude! I use it on all bare wood inside and out, no exceptions. Yes it is an extra step in the process but the results are worth every penny!

There is much more that I could say about their customer service and products but time does not allow.
Thanks again Greg and all the staff !”

Tony Woodward Logmedics, Inc.

“About 30 years ago we used Perma-Chink on our own home, then we became applicators, creating our business Log Connections, Inc.  Over the course of those years we have applied Perma-Chink to countless homes and receive accolades from our customers . Each customer tells us how their homes are now more energy efficient than before the Chink was applied. Over the  years the Chink product has evolved and become much more user friendly. Not only has the performance quality of the Chinking improved, but the color choices have given our customers the ability to personalize their homes as well. Perma Chink has been a life changing product for us, and our customers! Thank you, Perma-Chink!”
Mike and Judy Gross
Log Connections, Inc.

“I just wanted to say thanks for all the help and excellent service that Greg Sweets has given me on selecting products for our log cabin. I love the colors in the Lifeline Ultra-7 wood stain line, especially the Oak color. We are using Sure Shine on the interior of the home and it is excellent for making spills come off the walls easy. When you have children and grandchildren that is essential. Greg’s help has always been excellent and it is always a pleasure talking to him. Thank you, Greg for all your help in the past and in the future.”
Catina Coody

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