Lifeline Ultra-7

Lifeline Ultra-7

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Low VOC Premium Wood Finish

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Lifeline Ultra-7 is the most durable exterior stain that Perma-Chink Systems has ever developed. After multiple exposure tests in harsh weather areas across the country (think snow country, the sunny southeast and extreme mountain locations), Lifeline Ultra-7 stands out as THE top-of-the-line, long-lasting finish.

The secret behind its durability is Lifeline Ultra-7’s state-of-the-art resin that creates a flexible and tough seal on your home’s logs. Perhaps more importantly than the seal’s strength, the resin also ensures that the seal is continuous, providing protection from holes and gaps that might otherwise develop with a lower-quality finish. In addition it has unsurpassed adhesion to wood.

It’s this continuity that has proven to be much more resistant to UV degradation, color fading and adhesion loss. And just like all Lifeline finishes, the water-resistant film breathes just like Gore-Tex® to allow trapped moisture to evaporate from your logs.

We're so confident in the performance of our newest product that we're offering it with up to a 5-year warranty against UV exposure when applied to bare wood and covered with Lifeline Advance clear topcoat and then a maintenance coat of Lifeline Advance during the third year. (Click here for details)

Made in U.S.A. Made in U.S.A.

Lifeline Ultra-7 Colors

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Shelf Life

  • 3 Year

Application Temperature

  • 40° to 90°

Application Methods

  • Airless sprayer
  • Brush

Surface Preparation

  • Clean and dry
  • Free of mold and mildew
  • Never use steel wool


  • As needed, depending on exposure
Special Instructions
  • Back-brushing required
  • Stir container every 15 minutes
  • Maintain a wet edge to avoid lap marks
  • Requires one coat of Lifeline Advance topcoat
  • Avoid applying in direct sun
Drying Time
  • Dry to the touch in 4-6 hours
  • Cures in 72 hours
Coverage Rate
  • 250-350 square feet / gallon depending on the porosity of the wood


Coverage Rate

First coat; 250-350 square feet / gallon


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five star Debby on 10/23/2019 - "This stain is so beautiful! I have been using different stains for about 30 years and have never been happier than with Ultra 7 (#365)"

five star Richard on 04/01/2019 - "It's not cheap but it performs very well. Easy to use and provides consistent appearance and coverage."

five star Al on 03/11/2019 - "This is a great product. The best part so far is that a little of it goes a long way."

five star Brian on 11/02/2018 - "We used Smoke Ultra 7 with Brown chinking for a more rustic look on this Colorado Home so the home would fit into an older neighborhood and not look out of place. Very pleased with color, sheen and overall quality."

five star Mara on 11/02/2018 - "We stained the cabin three years ago but it look like we did it yesterday, and we still get compliments from the neighbors."

five star Jon S. on 09/04/2018 - "This house hadn't received the maintenance it should have for a long time it amazed everyone that looked at it as I did the job of cleaning it up, using ReNew then ShellGuard RTU, followed by Lifeline Ultra-7 in Carmel and Lifeline Advance Topcoat. The house looks like it's new."

five star Rich L. on 01/09/2018 - "I have been to the store in Rice, MN several times now, latest being in July 2017. As I've told those folks there, I'm not in the log home restoration business, but when asked, I suggest the product line of Perma-Chink Systems. I have used your products on my own log garage (haven't built dream log home yet), and was impressed with the ease of applying, and the durability. Have shared the results with several people looking to do restoration on their own. Looking forward to 2018 and sending more clients your way!"

five star Rick P. on 06/21/2017 - "Just wanted to thank you for your great personal customer service and for the outstanding products that Perma-Chink Systems offers, they are without a doubt the highest level of quality that I have ever used on my log home. Thank You to ALL of the Perma Chink people for your excellent products and excellent customer service.     "

five star Dave H. on 1/23/2017 - "We chose Ultra 7 since it's one coat and a clear top coat and most of the logs look great. The south side logs didn't turn out as well because they were dark from high elevation (5,800') sun damage and we didn't correct that first so it was our fault. PCS is the 3rd company we tried and we like it best. Three years now and the logs still look new and we look forward to see how good the south side will look when we prepare the logs properly. We'll use the same products next time."

five star Ray D. on 12/15/2016 - ”The finish on my cabin was grey and quite dirty. I used the Wood ReNew as directed. I couldn't believe it. Then we put in the backer rod and chinked it.  Put on Ultra7 and top coated. Your products worked as promised. Great directions. I've been in construction 35 years. Almost nobody tells the truth anymore."

five star N Adamson on 07/13/2016 - ”I am 110% impressed and satisfied with our experience using Permachink Ultra7. Their products far exceeded my high expectations”

four star V Smith on 06/16/16 - ”I have not found a transparent stain that lasts more than 2 years in the sun, and this one doesn't either, so I rate it as about the best you can do. I like the clear coat system. Every 2 years (3 or more in the shade), I wire brush and touch up the spots that flake off, then put on another clear coat. It looks good (not patchy) as long as you get it before large areas flake off. I let that happen on the top of the handrail and it does look patchy but not too bad.”

five star J Stonecypher on 02/15/2016 - "Man that Log Wash is a good product. Also our Lifeline Ultra 7 is fantastic, I can’t believe it’s water based.”

five star S Okino on 01/30/2016 - "The best log sealer ever! Easy to apply. I will use it again:-)"

five star M Wallace in CA (07/10/2015) - "Ultra 7 is great. I love that its just a one coat stain, and already has UV protection in it.

three star J Cornell in WA (06/31/2015) - "Great product but giving three stars because it's pricey!"

five star M Buford in TN (03/24/2015) - "I love the Ultra-7 (one-coat stain) followed with one-coat of Advance (topcoat). It makes the house look beautiful in a lot less time, what a great product!"

five star J Wilmes in TX (03/12/2015) - "Ultra-7 looks great!"

five star C Washburn in WA (02/25/2015) - "I've used three generations now of your exterior finishes. I recommend your system to everyone that asks. I really like that your finishes are eco-friendly. The price up front is a little high but when you think about material costs plus maintenance costs its worth it."

five star B Corvey in AL (09/25/2011) - "We used Lifeline Ultra-7 on our home and I cannot believe how beautiful it looked once the Lifeline Advance was applied. It added a sheen which really made the color pop and added some depth to the color as well. Awesome product to work with."

four half star S Merriam in TN (07/27/2014) - "After much research, I used Perma-Chink Ultra 7 last summer. I'm in Maine, and it still looks perfect one year later. There's no mildew and no problems. I used the oak color, which ironically gave me the best cedar color on my Western Red Cedar logs. My log railing guy uses Perma-Chink and he loved my color, but never thought of using the oak color on cedar. I have a co-worker in Maine with a pine home, and her husband only uses Perma-Chink on the logs."

five star J Aarons in MA (08/11/2013) - "I did my homework and I honestly found the best stain on the market. You can see the quality of the product right from the first brush stroke. No bad smell at all…not when you first open it, not while you are applying it and no lingering smell once you’re finished staining. Dried fast, so I finished fast."

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