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S-100 Finish Remover is an environmentally friendly water-based solvent that removes many oil and water-borne finishes from logs, siding, and decks. Perma-Chink Systems developed a finish remover using new technology originally developed for removing paint from aluminum aircraft surfaces.

Supplied as a ready-to-use gel, it is easily applied with a short bristled brush, paint roller, or airless sprayer. Within a few minutes it begins to soften the finish and since it is a gel, it stays wet and active for a fairly long period of time. Once the finish has sufficiently softened, it can be removed by simply pressure washing.

S-100 will not darken or discolor the wood, will not corrode or discolor metal surfaces, nor will it harm log home chinking or sealants. Although it is effective for removing most log home finishes, there are some high performance coatings that may require a more aggressive chemical stripper. Perma-Chink Systems recommends that a sample of S-100 be obtained from them and tested on the finish you want to remove prior to placing an order.

Made in U.S.A. Made in U.S.A.

Sizes & Prices

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5 Gallon Sample
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s100 s100


Shelf Life

  • 3 Year

Application Temperature

  • 40° to 90°

Application Methods

  • Safety equipment, bucket, brush or roller, paint scraper, rags, and pressure washer capable of generating at least 500 to 600 psi.

Surface Preparation

  • Dirt free
Special Instructions
  • Apply from bottom-up, rinse from bottom-up
  • One to two applications, depending on severity
  • Rinse thoroughly from top-down for pH balance
Coverage Rate
  • 50 - 100 square feet / gallon


Coverage Rate

50 - 100 square feet / gallon


five star Michael (6/7/2017) - "Greg, I would have been in a real bind if it weren't for your YouTube videos, boy, those are so helpful, and we completed our project without a contractor!"

five star Sid (1/18/2017) - "We tried both the S-100 and Strip-It samples before we started our cabin restoration project, but chose S-100 because it removed the finish well and was less expensive. Our contractor sprayed it on using an airless sprayer. Then he used a pressure washer to help remove the finish and clean off the surfaces. I would definitely recommend this product again."

five star M Welch in TN (5/27/2016) - "I was very impressed with S-100 for a job I recently completed. The home had a lot of Linseed Oil on it, and the S-100 seemed to “melt” the linseed oil right off of the wall. The reddish hue of the linseed oil made it appear like blood was just dripping off of the wall…not a great description, but true! The homeowner did not realize linseed oil contributed to mold and mildew growth, but we were able to get back to bare wood and help her thanks to S-100!"

four half star E Fey in KS (07/15/2015) - "Your S100 worked real good to take the old transformation stain off my house. Glad it worked instead of more expensive strippers. Smelled good too!

four star E Thomas in FL (08/17/2014) - "Wanted to let you know that S100 took off my old stain just fine. My new coat of bronze and the gloss topcoat sure looks great. I can't give S100 a full 5 stars since it only comes in 5 gal pails and nothing smaller...but it does work great!

four half star R Elwell in VA (09/27/2012) - "Worked very well for removing our oil based stain. In my opinion, it was easy to apply and use. The smell wasn't too overbearing and the gel like consistency made it easy to apply without it dripping or running in places we didn't want it. Also, we loved that you had free samples."

four half star W Orr in OH (05/12/2012) - "We had oil based Sikkens on our red pine log home. We used S-100 to strip it and used Ultra 7 bronze to stain it. Love the results."

five star M Fredberg in NC (10/23/2011) - "Thank you for the samples of the stripers you mailed me. The S-100 works great on the log oils that has been applied to my logs over the years. The customer service and being able to try both stripers was very valuable. Thank you also for the Stain samples I was just going to put the oil on again but your recommendation and samples changed me into a Lifeline faithfull."

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