Deck Defense

Deck Defense

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One-Coat Deck Finish

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Deck Defense is the best wood stain for your decks, rails and fences. It has been engineered for better performance, longer life, and easier application. Although it is a totally waterborne product, Deck Defense has penetrating properties like oil finishes, but unlike oil-based products, it hardens into a lattice-like coating, supporting and strengthening the natural wood fibers from the inside out.

Customers can feel secure in the knowledge that their investment is protected from the natural damaging effects of sun, wind, and water. Deck Defense is easy to apply and maintain, and is ideal for coating decks, fences, railings and other horizontal surfaces. Our new deck stain is available in seven colors to complement our exterior wall finishes. 

Deck Defense can be applied over older Deck Defense-stained decking provided proper application and surface preparation.

Questions? Read our Deck Defense FAQs here.

Made in U.S.A. Made in U.S.A.


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  • Excellent UV protection
  • Long lasting color retention
  • Breathable film allows decking to dry out
  • SDS
  • Product Label


Shelf Life

  • 1 Year

Application Temperature

  • 40° to 95° F

Application Methods

  • Airless sprayer
  • Brush, Roller, Application Pads
  • Back-brush into surface
  • Refer to product label for application instructions

Surface Preparation

  • Apply to clean, dry surface
  • Free of mold and mildew
  • Never use steel wool


  • As needed, depending on exposure

Special Instructions

  • Back-brushing required
  • Stir container every 15 minutes with paint stick
  • Maintain a wet edge to avoid lap marks
  • Avoid applying in direct sun
  • If desired, apply second coat while first coat is still wet
Drying Time
  • Dry to the touch in 15 minutes, tack-free in 30 minutes
  • Wait 24 hours before returning heavy items
Coverage Rate
  • 175-250 square feet/gallon


Coverage Rate

175-250 square feet / gallon


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five star Melissa on 11/02/2018 - "Used this on our decks. Its been on a few months but still looks great. Seems to repel water great. color looks great."

five star L Stibbs on 08/15/2015 - "We have tried several other deck stains before we used Deck Defense, but we really love the look, and application was super easy. Thanks Perma-Chink for a product where we don't have to have perfect weather to apply a deck finish!"

four half star L Abernathy on 08/23/2015 - "Deck Defense went on our deck easily, and looks beautiful.  Thanks Perma-Chink Systems for such a great deck stain!!"

five star K Jacobsen on 9/13/2015 - "We used Deck Defense deck finish on our pressure treated deck (after waiting the required time for it to cure) and we are really happy with the results!  We couldn't have asked for an easier to work with deck stain!"

three half star J Botwell on 09/29/2015 - "I really liked that you could apply Deck Defense to a damp deck, just wish there were more colors"

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