Cedar Wash

Cedar Wash

five star

Surface Prep Cleaner for Cedar

Cedar Wash is a Ready-to-Use cleaner specifically formulated for preparing the bare wood surface of wood species that contain high levels of wood extractives and resin oils. Cedar Wash is designed to remove surface resin oils and high concentrations of water-soluble wood extractives in addition to dirt, grease, grime, pollen, and surface stains without harming the wood.

Made in U.S.A. Made in U.S.A.

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  • Designed specifically for Western Red Cedar and Redwood (Softwoods) and Walnut and Mahogany (Hardwoods)
  • Highly recommended cleaner for Southern Pine, Douglas Fir, Spruce and Cypress
  • Removes resin oils and wood extractives from the surface of the wood that may interfere with adhesion of LIFELINE™ exterior stains or Prelude™ to the wood surface
  • Removes dirt, dust, pollen and other foreign substances from wood surfaces
  • Safe to use on chinking and sealants
  • Environmentally friendly
  • SDS
  • Product Label

Shelf Life

  • 3 Year

Application Temperature

  • 40° to 90°

Application Methods

  • Garden pump sprayer


  • As needed
Special Instructions
  • Apply from bottom-up, rinse from top-down
  • Rinse thoroughly
Coverage Rate
  • 175-225 sq.ft. / Gallon


Coverage Rate

175-225 sq.ft. / Gallon


five star  Mandy (1/23/2017) – "My husband and I had been recommended this product at your TN workshop for our Douglas Fir home. The salesperson we talked to said Cedar Wash would be the best choice. It was a great cleaner for us, but it is specifically used for certain wood species so best to ask a salesperson first, if you have questions. "

five star Valerie (3/15/2016) – "This wood cleaner worked great for what we needed! We built a brand new Western Red Cedar home. A rep from Perma-Chink told us about Cedar Wash and using it before the stain and topcoat was applied. "

five star J Alamosa in ID (1/10/15) – "I have a cedar log home that I needed to clean. I called Perma-Chink to get some Log Wash, but instead of Log Wash, they had me use Cedar Wash because my home is cedar. Now my house looks brilliant. Thanks Perma-Chink!"

five star Mr. & Mrs. J Kimble Calder in UT (10/15/14) – "This was a new product that came out last year and my husband and I saw it in the catalog just before we started our deck addition on our home. It’s a beautiful western red cedar deck and we wanted to protect it. We were able to order this cleaner online and it was so easy to apply since it came pre-mixed. We love our deck and appreciate you coming up with a cleaner just for cedar woods!"

five star S Calder in CO (9/1/14) – "We recently purchased a log home in Steamboat Springs, CO and were looking to find a product specially formulated for our Cedar Logs, after doing much research on all the many products out there we decided to use the Perma-Chink Cedar Wash. After washing our home we were absolutely amazed at the results of how well the product cleaned our home and made it shine. You have definitely won a new customer. Thanks Perma-Chink!"

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