Chink Paint

Textured Latex Paint for Perma-Chink Log Chinking

Chink-Paint is an elastomeric, textured coating for renewing or changing the color of chinking. This makes it ideal for giving a facelift to your home by brightening the appearance of old, dirty chinking or altering the color of existing chinking.

Chink-Paint’s elasticity enables it to expand and contract with Perma-Chink or Energy Seal without cracking or peeling.

Chink-Paint Colors

Chink Paint Available Sizes

Chink Paint Available Sizes

Chink-Paint can save time and money by eliminating the need to mask off the chinking before staining. Simply wait for the stain to dry and then apply a coat of Chink-Paint in whichever color you desire.

Chink Paint Product Information

Product Information

Chink Paint can be used in several situations. Some log homes owners choose a new color, or some log homes have cosmetic chink joints that serve no purpose other than giving the home the appearance of a chink-style structure.


  • UV Stable
  • Covers Existing Chink Stains From Wood Staining
  • Stretches - Won't Crack or Peel
  • Suitable For All Climates

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If your log home is properly sealed and you're not replacing chinking, you can use our special Chink Paint to freshen the look of your log home. Read more about it here.

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