Are American Barns A Thing Of The Past?

Are American Barns disappearing? Not so fast...logbarn

There are thousands of iconic barns throughout America, from different periods in our history. These historic barns were once an integral part of American life.

The traditional design and use of the “barn” has evolved tremendously over the years. We have moved from large, open structures based around cattle stalls and hay storage to huge multi-purpose barn palaces.

A bit of the history

The word barn comes from the Old English language, for barley (or grain in general). The first barns were not American by design but were European-style longhouses that included stables and sleeping quarters. Brought to America along with the first settlers, the oldest barns were constructed in the classic “English barn” style.

As with any structure built for functionality, designs do not follow one pattern for long. English barns were further adapted into larger, timber-framed structures, which became known as the Yankee barn. One of the most fascinating aspects of barn construction is the common use of simple farmstead creativity. The earliest barns were built with timbers hand-hewn to shape, with the rough chopping marks of an axe. Slightly older timbers might be hand-cut with huge two-person saws, while newer barns have the clean-cut lines of sawmill machinery. More history here

Traditional style barns pay homage to a great American tradition. For those seeking a multi-function barn made of traditional materials, these structures are hard to surpass. In keeping with the look and feel of the turn of the century, Hearthstone developed a process for giving the timbers a surface texture that mimicked the circular cuts of timbers that had just come out of an old sawmill.



With the popularity of open-air structures for commercial properties, equestrian, restaurants (especially during pandemic), the Timber Frame Barn's massive beams create breathtaking effects of open spaces and craftsmanship style rarely seen today. The large sliding doors open to cobble stone floors and the authentic smell of white pine creates an environment of harmonious interaction with nature.

Horse Barn


This beautiful, yet functional, barn was designed to house horses and the occasional social gathering. Because the customer was in the process of restoring a farmstead from early in the 20th Century, the technique & style reflects that period & geography. The naturally weathered Cypress board & batten gives the barn the perfect rustic finish.

Barn Homes

barninterior2One of the most popular innovations is the “barn home” due to the open, airy floor plans and massive posts and beams. These homes convey the aesthetics of a traditional barn combined with an exciting modern design.

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All of Hearthstone barns are custom designed and made.

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