Choosing A Log Home Contractor

Are you a DIY-er? Do you like handling home projects, going back and forth to the local hardware store for equipment you need? While Perma-Chink Systems pride ourselves in offering DIY-friendly products, along with a wealth of how-to articles, customer and technical support, some customers choose to hire a contractor.

Or sometimes you can't do it yourself. Time, ability, confidence (or you plain don't want to do it) usually makes the decision for you and you need to find a contractor. Specifically, a log home contractor. application and removal step by step guidea

Why a log home contactor? Would you entrust your car to a golf-cart mechanic? While similar in nature, there is a difference between the two. Log home contractors have experience dealing with the unique characteristics that come with a log and timber home. This experience will give you a better result than hiring a painting contractor. Not to mention the long-term relationship the contractors have with the product manufacturer.

Perma-Chink Systems offers an extensive referral list of log home contractors from coast to coast. Most of these contractors are self-employed and none are affiliated with Perma-Chink Systems, but they do have both experience and training in using our products on log and timber homes. Many of the contractors we've worked with for years, and we continually review our referall list to provide our customers with the best available contractors.

Two Steps and Four Questions

Step 1 – Get Smart

A very important first step before interviewing any contractor is to educate yourself. Perma-Chink Systems can help you better understand the steps and nuances of your project. You can attend one of our free homeowner workshops, read through our literature and application guides, or call one of our log home specialists to walk you through the process and related products. Better yet, go online and register for a private webinar with our experts. The more you know about your upcoming project, the better you can ask the right questions and understand the answers from the contractors. So please don’t overlook this important step!

Step 2 – Schedule Interviews

contractor estimatePerma-Chink Systems maintains current contact information, insurance and license information for all contractors on the referral list. Obviously, you’ll want to interview the contractors to determine their reliability, reputation, and experience, as well as their procedures that best meet your individual needs.

So here are the top 4 Key Questions you should ask each contractor candidate:

1. Does the contractor carry insurance?

A contractor should carry comprehensive liability insurance and workers' compensation insurance to protect you in the event of a job accident. Ask for proof of general liability and workers' compensation coverage for the type of project.

2. Is the contractor licensed?

Ask if the contractor is licensed by your state and/or city. Not all states or cities require contractors to be licensed.

3. Will the contractor provide references from previous jobs?

Most experienced log home contractors will have a portfolio of past jobs, along with photos and customers testimonial letters.

4. What is the contractor’s workmanship warranty?

Some contractors typically warrant their workmanship for one year or more. Longer warranties are not necessarily more valuable than shorter warranties. The length of the warranty is less important than the intent and ability of the contractor to stand behind his warranty. That is best evaluated using customer references.

Choosing a Contractor

There are several more important things to consider as you narrow down your contractor selection. All job bids (if well written) should contain enough detail provisions and terms to clearly state both parties’ expectations. Your contractor’s knowledge of local building laws, their schedule to do the work and, of course, the total price they bid for your project, is all part of the equation. When it comes to caring for your log home, it's reassuring to know that you can choose a contractor on whom you can rely on for good advice as well trust that they’re dedicated to providing you with the best results possible.

Again, Perma-Chink Systems is happy to offer you all our resources to make this process a successful experience. We will contact you within 7-10 days to follow-up on the contractor’s response and also log information and future follow-up if the job was awarded to one of our preferred log home contractors. Give us a call at 1-800-548-3554 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get a referral to contractors in your area.

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