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Wayne Bell
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Have you ever wished that you could live in a log home but you're stuck living in conventional housing? If so, join the growing number of people tackling home improvement projects to create a space that has the "feel" of log home living within the limitations of your current home.

Our project was to convert a roughly 30'x50' unfinished basement in a contemporary suburban neighborhood into a space that would capture the tranquility of a northwoods lodge. Many of the design and construction techniques we used could just as easily be applied to any interior room, log home basement, or other living space. And best of all, most of the skills required are within the reach of the average handyman, so you can add significant value to your home with only a modest financial investment.

basement before

This space needed to harmonize with a contemporary home, so we used a mixture of log siding and drywall in the design.

We included a central fireplace as a gathering point for visitors, kitchen/bar area for entertaining, home theater, game room, guest bathroom and storage areas. To maintain the theme, we used natural materials wherever possible. We sketched out the space and made note of existing features (like the stairs, duct work, support beams and posts) so we could accommodate them in our design.

basement after


We've seen basement conversions that didn't address the storage issue and that is a mistake so we framed in the corner that housed the furnace and other utilities to create a generous storage room.

basement after3

Visitors are impressed with the functionality and attractiveness of the previously unused space. The extensive use of standard construction techniques allow for homeowner participation in the building process, and the use of log siding and natural materials provide for a dramatic effect. When it came to selecting the sealant and finish materials, we chose the same supplier that we have used to professionally finish hundreds of homes: Perma-Chink Systems.

basement after2

It's always fun to admire beautiful designs in log home publications, but with some creativity you, too, can enjoy the feeling of a log home wherever you live.

About the Author

Wayne Bell is a log home refinishing, repair and restoration contractor, serving the Midwest and southern United States from his base in Ohio. If you have questions about the materials or processes used in this project, you can contact him at 937-657-4565 or at

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