Do I Need To Pre-Wet Logs Before Applying Wood Renew?

Wood Renew™ - To pre-wet or not to pre-wet?

Fairly often we get questions about Wood Renew™ with reference to whether or not to wet the surface before application. First, I would refer to the label directions as to use and application. There is no mention of the need to wet the surface prior to application. However, there is mention of proper pre-mixing and allowing a bit of “dwell” time prior to application. This dwell time allows the thickeners to activate and aid in helping it to stay on the wall so it can do its work for better results.

The dwell time also needs to extend to the wall surfaces to allow the product to clean and brighten the wood as best it can. Now, not all stains are easily removed, and it may require a bit of old-fashioned elbow grease with a stiff bristle brush to get at the stubborn stains. Try not to allow the product to dry on the surfaces as this will make it a bit more difficult to rinse away.

The best recommendations are to follow the label directions as to mixing and application, and there is no need to pre-wet the surface prior to application.

Application of Wood ReNew

Step 1: Use Wood ReNew to remove grayed surface wood.

Step 2: Only measure out enough Wood ReNew to add to a few gallons of water (0.8 cups per gallon) at a time. You need to use whatever you mix up within 1 to 2 hours.

Step 3: Pour the Wood ReNew into a pail that contains the water. Do not mix Wood ReNew in a sprayer.

Step 4: Mix the Wood ReNew with the water using a paint mixer and an electric drill.

Step 5: Stir for about five minutes or until no undissolved granules are visible. Allow the solution to thicken for 10 minutes before using.

Step 6: Apply the Wood ReNew solution to the wall with a mop, broom, or car wash brush. Start at the bottom of the wall and work up. Allow the solution to remain on the wall for 10 minutes.

Step 7: Pressure wash starting at the bottom of the wall. Work on 2 or 3 courses of logs at a time. Hold the wand at a 30 to 45 degree angle to avoid feathering the wood.

Step 8: Once the entire wall is pressure washed, rinse the wall starting at the top and work down. At this stage water volume is more important than pressure.

Step 9: Never judge the effectiveness of Wood ReNew or any other cleaner while the wood is still wet.

Step 10: Once the wood dries, many of the dark discolorations will disappear. This is the same wall that appears in the previous step after drying for three hours.



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