Firewood Pests

During the winter months many homeowners use firewood as a source of heat or create an attractive atmosphere. But along with the firewood comes many types of living pests. Most firewood pests will not harm people or animals, nor will they start infestations of wood within the home.

However, there are a few pests, like Black Widow spiders, that are of concern. Some types of wood boring beetle infestations occasionally begin by emerging from stored firewood. But most pests are harmless, yet annoying, insects like cockroaches, pillbugs, centipedes, ground beetles, and sowbugs that all like to hide over winter beneath bark, or in the cracks of firewood, becoming active within days after the firewood is brought into a warm home.

The best way to control firewood pests is to properly store and manage the firewood. NEVER SPRAY FIREWOOD WITH PESTICIDES!!! Harmful vapors could result from burning pesticide-treated wood.

Store your firewood at least two feet away from the side of your home, and keep it off of the ground. This keeps firewood dry and allows air to circulate throughout the woodpile.

Burn the oldest wood first; the older the wood the greater the chance that insects may get into it.

When you are ready to bring some firewood inside, knock the logs together to shake any insects that may be clinging to the wood.

That being said, the most important thing you can do is to bring inside only what you will burn that day! Firewood stored by the fireplace, in the garage, or in the basement allows pests to warm up and emerge within your home. And although a neat stack of firewood may look attractive setting next to the fireplace, twenty or so wood roaches running across your carpet may convince you otherwise.

Managing firewood pests is essentially a matter of keeping them outdoors instead of within your home. The shorter the time that firewood is inside, the lower the chance there will be for these pests to emerge and scatter.

Last modified on Wednesday, 29 November 2017 19:56