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Getting Ready For Log Home Maintenance Q&A

How should I go about making sure that I get started right when it comes to maintenance?  How critical is it to begin proper maintenance when the home is new? 


Do your research in finding the right system. We provide a robust library of Tech Tips that provides information you need to take care of your log and timber home. New homes should not have issues, and we recommend homeowners perform inspections of their home to find any small issues and fix those now, before they become big issues. 

The Right System

Chose a system of fully compatible log or timber frame home products to protect your home, such as Perma-Chink Systems. When doing your research ask for samples. This allows you to choose the best color combination you prefer. Our products cover all stages of log home finishing from insect and mold prevention to wood cleaners to sealants to finishes. Our "whole-home" approach results in all our products working together in preserving your log home.

The Right Amount

You'll also need to know how many linear feet will you get out of a pail of the sealant or chinking that you use to order the proper amount. Do you know the square footage of your log home exterior? You'll need to know that when ordering finish and topcoats. How many square feet of coverage will you get from a gallon of finish? Sometimes the more moderate or even higher priced products are a better value because they go further than the cheaper ones. This is worth considering, as labor rates keep increasing.

Proper Project Prep

Prep is always the number one thing when sealing or staining. Clean logs, proper log texture (not overly smooth), and compatible weather - avoid extremes and rainy weather.

Hiring a Contractor

If you hire a contractor, make sure that they have a solid background, check their references, make sure they are current with their insurance company, and get quotes from more than one contractor. Perma-Chink Systems has a list of Preferred Applicators that know best how to care for your log home. And pro tip - book contractors well in advance, many Preferred Applicators book months in advance.

Last modified on Monday, 27 June 2022 22:33