How To Care For Outdoor Wood

Log Homes not only have the unique characteristic of logs and big timbers being design features, but most have handrails, decks or porches, and fencing to complete the homestead. Our friends over at Home Improvement and Repairs covered caring for outdoor wood, highlighting Deck Defense in a fence-staining project.

The exposed outdoor wood around log homes can face the most severe abuse. Decks are walked on and have furniture dragged across the surface, not to mention food and drink spills. Depending on location, decks and handrails have days or months of rain and snow exposure. A great fence stands strong against wind, being a racetrack for squirrels and chipmunks, and provides a backstop for soccer balls and baseballs. 

With this environment, how is one to care for their outdoor wood? For starters, properly prepping the surface, applying the correct finish, and maintaining it with regular cleaning will protect your outdoor wood.

Surface Preparation dd1

The start of all great projects begin with prep work. Painting a car is "easy" - it's the hours repairing dents, removing rust, filling holes, lining body parts up right that take all the effort. If you are fortunate enough to work with fresh wood, there is less work than if you had wood stained from years ago, or have a fence covered in moss and mildew.

With your outdoor wood, if it is new wood, prep the wood by cleaning it with Log Wash, removing any mold or mildew, dirt, stains, or marks. Older wood that has a finish may require stripping the old finish first. This provides the best surface for finish adhesion. We have in-depth articles on cleaning log homes, which share a similar process with fencing, handrails, and decks. If you are working with Cedar, Walnut or Mahogany, we recommend cleaning with Cedar Wash

Apply Finish

Applying our Deck Defense is a simple process once the prep work is complete. Starting with a clean and dry surface, begin to apply Deck Defense. It can be applied by many different methods from brush to sprayer, and we recommend back-brushing to ensure full coverage. There is no need to apply a topcoat after applying Deck Defense or Log & Timber Defense.



Depending on the level of environmental exposure and conditions, we recommend a yearly cleaning with Log Wash to help prolong the finish. In high-traffic areas, some wear might be visible and a quick light coat in that spot will help keep the color. Our Caring For Handrails article outlines the need for maintenance coats on the top rail. 

If you have any questions regarding the care of your wood, please contact us at 800-548-3554, our Wood Care Experts are happy to help. 


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