Log Cabin Renovation

From Worst to First With Perma-Chink!
By John & Elaine Judsky
Suches, GA
Perma-Chink Customers Forever

Cabin Before 1I’ll admit the hard truth. I neglected the exterior of our log cabin in the North Georgia mountains. For years. It was ugly, and we needed restoration.


We had used Perma-Chink products on the interior of our new cabin back in 1999, with Sure Shine on our floors and the Lifeline Interior on our walls. They are holding up well and looking good after 16 years.

But the exterior was a mess from our neglect and from using an inferior product. We used the product recommended and provided by our log manufacturer. It shall remain nameless here because it was an oil-based jug of junk.

This past summer I finally had the time and money to redo the exterior, and there was no question in my mind I was going to use Perma-Chink products. We attended a workshop in Knoxville and learned lots of good tips and info. The logs looked dirty, faded and had no water resistance. I went ahead and sanded the few spots that needed that much care. The S100 finish remover did a great job removing what was left of the old finish. The Wood ReNew made the logs fresh and bright again. Then the Log Wash prepared a good surface for the application of Armor-Guard preservative followed by two coats of the Lifeline Ultra-2, followed by the Lifeline Advance Gloss.

cabin cornerI also used Log End Seal for the logs & Woodsman for caulk touch-up. Our deck and porch floors were treated with Deck Defense. Every single product seemed high-quality and gave the advertised results. The water-based products are a dream to work with and clean-up is easy. All the products used together truly are a log home finishing ‘system’.

Now we have a home with a beautiful finish that looks brand new! My wife says that it looks like we are living inside a piece of fine furniture. The true beauty of the logs is shining through, we have a home we are once again proud of and we could not be more pleased. It was a lot of hard work, but the results are amazing.

I highly recommend Perma-Chink products to all those who want to preserve their logs and want a beautiful home. Their products are not inexpensive, but definitely worth every penny! If you do it yourself or hire it out, make sure you educate yourself on all the excellent how-to’s and advice on the website and make sure the directions are closely followed.

My final advice: You CANNOT go wrong with Perma-Chink.Cabin after 1

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