Mobile Log Cabins

By Dan Waring, British Log Cabins
Mobile homes...Traditionally an ugly metal box, BLC have taken the parameters defining the mobile home and delivered a beautiful alternative LOG CABIN!
Developed in response to an increase in the popularity of ‘Log Cabin Holidays’ our Mobile Log Homes include everything. The entire building is prefabricated off site in our log building yard on a specially designed rolling chassis.
off site 1  off site 2 
The building comes complete including a kitchenette, bathroom suite, LPG boiler, radiators, log burner and all internal finishes.
interior1 interior2 interior3
All that is required on site is a concrete slab and waste and water connections - they really are a plug and play, traditional log home!.
outside1  outside2 
Log building as a construction method and art form has been around for centuries. It’s origins were in Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. As a trade it has a long established history. The often romanticized vision of a cozy, traditional log cabin in a holiday area is now a reality.
two halvesAs a mobile home, The Nook is not only completed to a very high standard in both design and construction and very well insulated but it is also VAT free. The mobile home is delivered in two halves and re-joined on site. This reduces the impact of onsite construction works.
If you want a mobile home log cabin within your garden to be used as an extra room in addition to the main house then you will not need planning permission unless you live in a conservation area.
Mobile cabins are a great idea if you are thinking of starting or expanding a holiday business . The cabins are of high quality, and provide a wow factor that normal static caravans do not.
To find out more about The Nook, visit British Log Cabins website
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