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Our Newest Finish Addition Log And Timber Defense

Perma-Chink Systems® has recently added another beautiful wood finish option for our customers. Unlike our traditional Lifeline film-forming wood finishes, Log & Timber Defense™ penetrates your wood. As it absorbs into the wood surface, it forms a strong lattice network within the wood, reinforcing and strengthening the entire system from the inside out. Due to its elastomeric nature and penetration, it greatly reduces the chances of peeling and flaking by leaving the system breathable to water vapor. Many penetrating oil-based finishes can also form a network but unfortunately often contain harmful flammable solvents that make working with them both dangerous for you and our environment. In contrast our Log & Timber Defense is water-based making it both easier and safer to work with.

Log and Timber Defense is designed to be applied to bare wood in one or two coats. However, if applied to wood that already has an existing coating this can interfere with adhesion and could lead to premature failure of the finish. For best results we recommend application of Log & Timber Defense to bare wood that has been cleaned with Wood Renew™.

For all our Lifeline™ wood finishes, we recommend application of a topcoat, however, not so with Log & Timber Defense. The reason for advising against this is because when a maintenance coat is needed in the future there will be difficulty with penetration into the wood because the topcoat forms a barrier to penetration leaving a film on surface. Additionally, this could lead to undesirable surface defects as well as an uneven appearance.  

Texture is another property that distinguishes Log and Timber Defense from our Lifeline Stains. Due to its penetrating nature, Log and Timber Defense leaves the surface with a more naturalistic rustic beauty. In general, it will appear flatter than our Lifeline finishes. However, if slightly more gloss is desired, a second coat of Log & Timber Defense may be applied. The second coat will also increase color intensity and provide an increased level of overall protection for the system.


 Log & Timber Defense applied with one coat (left) or two coats (right)


Finally, Log and Timber Defense is formulated with ingredients that inhibit the growth of mold and mildew. Log and Timber Defense is both a stain and sealant in one package. It helps to keep liquid water out, which reduces biological growth that can attack and destroy your wood. In contrast, traditional natural oils - such as Linseed Oil - can easily promote growth of mold and mildew. Log & Timber Defense is waterborne, low in odor, has easy soap and water cleanup, and is non-flammable. Log & Timber Defense offers unique properties designed to give your home the very best protection possible. For more information about Log & Timber Defense or our other finishes, please visit our website at then select Wood Finishes.




Last modified on Thursday, 19 May 2022 23:57