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Protecting a Treasure for Over 20 Years

Built By Alpine Log Homes - Protected By Perma-Chink Systems

 Alpine Log Homes In The Snow

A 21-year-old treasure

Those of us that have been in the industry for 20 or more years will remember. Alpine Log Homes was one of the industry leaders in the design and build of handcrafted log homes. For example, this beautiful home in the mountains of Glenwood Springs, Colorado was built by Alpine Log Homes 21 years ago. I know you would prefer to see a photo with Spring flowers and green leaves by now, but it is a reality of the Colorado mountains have snow in April! Yes, the photo above was taken in early April of 2023. Indeed, the winters in the Colorado mountains can be long and present extreme conditions for any home. But it is not just the winter months that pose challenges to log homes. This log home experiences on average 12+ feet of snow a year but it also sees on average 320 days of sunshine a year, which presents extreme UV conditions being located at an altitude of 8,100 feet.

However, twenty years ago in 2003 the exterior of this home was stained with Lifeline Ultra-2 Bronze and Advance Gloss topcoat. Two coats Ultra-2, one coat Advance and with little maintenance done since this home looks as great as it did the year it was first stained. What a great testimony to Lifeline stains and finishes. This beautiful finish has weathered the environment for over 20 years!   

Products Used:


Alpine Log Home Being Built

Logs were washed with Perma-Chink Systems' Oxcon (Log Wash was not invented back then) before stain was applied. Shell-Guard borate treatment was applied to all first-floor framing and 2 feet up from the foundation to prevent any wood destroying insects from attacking the house. The house is at approximately 8000 feet elevation and the area gets in excess of 320 days of sunshine per year. In addition, it is not unusual to have up to 5 feet of snow on the ground in the winter. To protect the logs from this extreme exposure the house exterior is coated with two coats of Lifeline Ultra-2 Bronze, followed by a clear protection coat of Lifeline Advance. The transparent pigments in the Ultra provide crucial ultraviolet protection for the logs. Two coats further protect and develop the perfect shade of color. A coat of clear Lifeline Advance protects the tint finish and gives that ‘furniture grade’ ever so slight sheen to the logs.

The Interiors

 Interior 1

The interior is intentionally a darker shade of tint than most log houses. This was done to promote the old time feeling of the house and add warmth to the large spaces. Two coats of Lifeline Interior 130 (Dark Natural) were top coated with one coat of Acrylic Satin.


The chinking between the logs is Perma-Chink Medium Grey 224. The darker shade of grey provides a warm contrast to the dark natural shade of the logs.


The Dark Natural develops the color and feeling, the Satin topcoat builds a slight film so that the logs are easier to dust and clean and aids in reflecting light.

 Dining Room

The ceiling in the dining room and the media room are a European stucco product from Stuc-O-Flex International. Both are custom tinted – the kitchen is a hand troweled light brown tone that reflects light and warms up the large kitchen/dining space.

 Media Room

The ceiling in the media room is an “old leather” maroon look to provide a stately feel to the high ceiling room and highlight the logs.


The wall in the master bedroom is an “old venetian” style plaster Europlast from Stuc-O-Flex that nicely works with log walls and antique furniture. 


Any upward facing checks were filled with a matching tone of Energy Seal (Check Mate 2 is now the recommended product). Upward facing checks can trap water and funnel it into the house – any check, as it twists for the length of log can provide a channel for outside air and insect entry into the house. All exterior log ends were coated with Log End Seal to prevent water from being drawn into the logs.

This beautiful finish has weathered the environment for over 20 years! If you want to see more photos of the exterior click the following link:

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