Removing Old Stains & Finishes

Log home living is a tradition that never loses its charm, the warmth of its country ambiance unmatched. And with all the modern innovation, this cozy way of life is more comfortable than ever.

Just about the only drawback has been maintaining its exterior. Log home owners dread with a passion the mighty job of refinishing that inevitably must be done to preserve the beautiful look of their natural logs. But you have come to the right place. There are plenty of reasons you’ll never have to give it a second thought again.

Wood Surface Preparation Methods

Traditionally, we dread using any kind of chemical strippers to soften the surface due to the environmental impact. Since chemical strippers only soften an existing finish, they must be used along with a pressure washer to actually remove the finish from the wall. We offer two types of environmentally-friendly wood finish removers that specifically designed for log homes: S-100 and StripIt. Both products are water-based solvents that remove most oil, water-based stains and topcoats. They contain no-harsh chemicals, are bio-degradable and non-flammable, and unlike caustic strippers will not discolor the wood. As opposed to media blasting, chemical stripping is much more user-friendly since all it takes is a general purpose pressure washer.

log home pressure washing

Check out this video on chemical stripping the finish

Round logs are a pain to sand with a flat belt. Getting to every corner and crevice takes hours, and the dust is not so great on our lungs in the meantime. Well, now you can file all those inconveniences under ancient memory. It might sound crazy at first, but the latest and greatest dry method around is blasting that aging, discolored finish off with new age glass media. Glass media is lighter than sand, so while it strikes your home with necessary force, it has less weight – this allows it to remove the stain without harming the wood. There is also no risk of blowing water into your house because the media is dry, and you can re-stain immediately.

log home blasting

Check out this video on media blasting the finish.

Of course, you can hire someone to do it for you. If you prefer, call us and we can find you a contractor near you, or visit for a list of contractors in your area.

Either way, you can rest assured you are making the right decision for the environment, your home, your budget and your family.

Last modified on Friday, 16 June 2023 21:16