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There’s something to be said for enjoying a tasty beverage outside at the end of a long day, or just enjoying the evening air and the setting sun on a crisp fall evening. Settled on a porch swing, rocking chair, or a bench, relaxing outside your home is a nice, therapeutic stress release. For others it is a way of life, a daily ritual to spend quality time with loved ones. Decks and porches are where many gather for dinner, entertaining, relaxing, and on some occasions, napping.

Whatever the reason for sitting outside, exterior entertaining areas will benefit from Deck Defense stain. The new technology developed for Deck Defense offers superior penetration and protection of wood surfaces. A hybrid-like stain, it’s a water-borne stain that penetrates like oil-based stains, creating a lattice-like coating that supports and strengthen wood’s natural fibers.

More Than Decks!

Deck Defense isn’t only for decking, which requires a durable stain to stand up to foot traffic, furniture moving, rolling BBQs around, and a host of other activities that most stains aren’t designed for. Deck Defense is also designed for railings and fences, two wood surfaces that are exposed to the environment more so than decking.

If a deck or porch is lucky enough to be covered, then Deck Defense will perform even better, as will all our Lifeline exterior stains. With simple proper maintenance, our stains can last years- if not decades- when utilized in a covered area sheltered from the elements. From small logs to giant feature timbers, soffits to siding, our exterior stains will out-perform expectations on vertical surfaces.

Check out this deck project that used Deck Defense deck stain.

If you love enjoying being outdoors, even if it’s only a foot or two from the front door, Deck Defense and our family of exterior finishes will protect wood surfaces and add richness to wood’s natural beauty. If your deck is an extension of your entertaining environment, our finishes offer an inviting warmth and elegant charm to your space.

Available in standard and any custom colors you desire.

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