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The "Van Life" Finds Out About Perma-Chink Systems!

We are excited to share a very unique project, something that could very be a first for this company - a log home interior of a van, sealed with Perma-Chink. Yes, a van as in the automobile variety. 

This project is a fantastic example on the flexibility of our products, and the creative imagination of our customers. We'll turn over the background of the project to the customer, Barbara P., in their own words.

"In 2002 and 2003, we discussed the possibility of buying a log cabin that my Dad lived in with his Grandfather back in the 1920's and early 1930’s. We found out that the price was out of our reach. Shawn, my husband, then thought about customizing a new van to look like a log cabin. I have been a member of Moon Lite Vans, Inc. for 46 years and vanning for over 47 years and never saw a van with this kind of interior.
In 2004, we ordered our new van and when we received it, he started to work on turning it into a log cabin on wheels. We bought the oak slab wood from a sawmill in Berks County and he debarked all of the wood with a draw knife and other hand tools. He insulated the whole van and proceeded to contact Kline Construction Company in Boyertown, PA to find out where we can purchase the Perma-Chink to be used in the making of the interior of the van. He installed all the oak wood and then applied the Perma-Chink.Debarking wood
We also used the Perma-Chink when we remodeled the recreation room in our home. It now looks like the interior of a log cabin. It also is the reason why we visited the Petersburg, PA location because we needed some more of the Perma-Chink.
We have always talked about visiting the Perma-Chink location in Petersburg, Pa and finally did in May, 2024. We are so glad we did. It was great to meet everyone there and hear the history of the company."
And now, the pictures!
Van back doors
Van back door & interior wall
Van side door
Van rear door right side
Shawn holding Perma-Chink bucket
There you have it! A beautiful project that illustrates the flexibility of our product and the creative ingenuity of van (and home) owners. We thank Barbara and Shawn for sharing their labor of love with us, and for choosing Perma-Chink to create the look they desired.
As always, Perma-Chink and our whole line of products is available at - order your project materials today!
Last modified on Wednesday, 03 July 2024 21:03