Which Log Finish Should I Choose?

One or Two Coat Log Stains? Warranty and Color Choices to Consider for Your Log Home Stain.

It does happen occasionally. A customer will call and asks, “Which wood stain should I choose?” We’re glad you called because we’re here to help.

ext39The first question we need answered is the stain for outside or inside? Perma-Chink Systems offers both exterior and interior stains. If it's exterior, the next question is do you want a log stain that is one-coat or two-coat application? If you only want one coat, then Lifeline Ultra-7 is your best option. Available in nine colors, Ultra-7 is the premier finish for log and timber homes. Lifeline Ultra-2, Lifeline Exterior, and Lifeline Accents all benefit from a two-coat application. Additionally, Lifeline Advance topcoat will ensure your stain lasts the test of time.

The third question we need answered is what color do you want? With over 50 color options among our Lifeline family, it’s likely you’ll find a color you’ll love on your home. If not, we can produce custom colors to enhance the beauty of your logs or timbers.

Ultra-2 log home stain offers the most color options of all our finishes, and along with Ultra-7, has the added benefit of UV Boost (additive to fight harmful UV damage) added to the finish. It’s a long-lasting finish that provides low maintenance for your log home, superior color retention, and exceptional coverage rates. Ultra-7 and Ultra-2 are one of the few log home stains that offer a 5-year limited warranty, when paired with Lifeline Advance Topcoat and scheduled maintenance.

Lifeline Accents and Exterior finishes offer a tremendous value, without sacrificing coverage rates, durability, or color loss compared to other log finishes.

Still not sure on which log finish to choose? You can order free samples of all our finishes to test on your home. We want you to have confidence in the color you choose.

In short, all our wood stains and finishes perform phenomenally - providing excellent UV protection, allowing wood to breathe as the home acclimates seasonally, and ensuring maximum color retention.

If you're still reading along because you answered "interior" for the first question, thanks for patiently waiting. Perma-Chink Systems offers two interior finishes - Lifeline Interior and Lifeline Accents. Both offer multiple color choices, with Interior on the standard side and Accents on the bolder side of the color palette. And like our exterior stains, our interior stains provide superior coverage and fantastic color retention when compared to other stains.


For almost 40 years Perma-Chink Systems has been protecting log homes and protecting them right. Our focus is on preserving log and timber homes for future generations. We want log home owners to focus on making memories in their home, not spending all their time maintaining the home.

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