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or Russian History of Log Home Architecture

Wood is the foundation of some of the world’s greatest historical construction projects and Russia’s rich history of architectural beauty is no exception to this. Russians have a unique and special attitude with respect to their forest resources. This attitude is based on old Orthodox culture and Russian rituals associated with logging and construction. Russians have used wood to build everything from simple peasant homes to elaborate breath taking cultural statements such as Tsar Alexei Wooden Palace, famed for its fairytale style roofs (Figure 1).

Log Home enthusiasts flocked to the annual Log And Timber Home Show in Chantilly, Virginia on October 26th, 27th, and 28th, 2012.

Visitors to the PCS show booth were greeted by Outside Sales Representative Eric Huff (pictured right with John Batzer of Golden Eagle Log Homes). Existing log home owners and those planning to build could get information about our premium products and expert advice on log home care and maintenance.

In addition, Eric Huff presented a free seminar on log home care and maintenance...

Molalla, Oregon has a rich history in the logging industry and to recognize the contributions of the industry, the Logging Mural Project was commissioned.

Construction of the mural was performed by Ray Sparre. (

The log structure was prepared using Log Wash wood cleaner and was protected by Shell-Guard RTU borate wood preservative...

Upward facing checks (cracks) in log surfaces are potential causes of moisture infiltration and should be properly sealed

It is virtually impossible to prevent logs from developing cracks and checks as they age and dry. That's because as a large piece of wood seasons, mechanical stresses build up until the surface stress becomes so great that the wood cracks. We call these stress cracks “checks.”...

Energy Seal has been the product of choice for many log and timber home owners, contractors, log home manufacturers to seal gaps, cracks, joints and other areas where air or water can penetrate into the home..

Energy Seal is a highly elastic acrylic polymer sealant that provides a long-lasting and resilient seal for any style of log home...

What do Microsoft, Volvo, and Visa have in common? Their names are synonymous with innovation, safety, and trust. Add to that list, Perma-Chink Systems, Inc., because when it comes to protecting log homes with innovative, safe, and trustworthy products, no name is more frequently called to mind.

What began in 1981 as a simple idea – replacing the rigid concrete-mortar sealant with a flexible chinking material that moves with a log home as it settled – revolutionized the entire log home industry. This product, Perma-Chink Log Home Chinking, looked like traditional mortar but accommodated continuous log movement...

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