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New Wood Cleaner CEDAR WASH™

Cedar Wash™- Ready-to-Use Cleaner for Redwoods, Western Red Cedar, Walnut and Mahogany

The most important step of finishing wood whether it is a log wall, a piece of log siding or a piece of wood furniture is the surface preparation prior to applying a finish system to the wood surface. The reason this topic is so important is that this step or process has an impact on the longevity and durability of the system...

Cedar Wash is designed to remove surface resin oils and high concentrations of water-soluble wood extractives in addition to dirt, grease, grime, pollen, and surface mold and mildew without harming the wood. Wood extractives are compounds present in bark, softwood and heartwood of a tree that contribute to such properties of wood as color, odor, decay and insect resistance. Consequently, these extractives can also discolor paint and finishes (water soluble extractives) as well as create adhesion issues (oil soluble extractives) for many coating types.  All wood species contain wood extractives; however, there are a handful of wood species that are characterized as extractive rich woods. This group includes Redwood, Western Red Cedar, Walnut and Mahogany. The second group of wood species that also contains higher levels of wood extractives but not as high as the extractive rich woods include Southern Pine, Douglas Fir, Spruce and Cypress.      

  • Designed specifically for Western Red Cedar and Redwood (Softwoods) and Walnut and Mahogany (Hardwoods).
  • Highly recommended cleaner for Southern Pine, Douglas Fir, Spruce and Cypress.
  • Removes resin oils and wood extractives from the surface of the wood that may interfere with adhesion of LIFELINE™ exterior stains or Prelude™ to the wood surface.
  • Removes dirt, dust, pollen and other foreign substances from log surfaces.
  • Will not harm finishes that are in good condition.
  • Contains an aggressive detergent package for efficient cleaning of the wood surface.
  • Safe to use on chinking and sealants.
  • Easy to use, Ready-to-Use formula.
  • Low environmental impact.
before cedar wash after cedar wash
Before Cedar Wash After Cedar Wash

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