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Toy Cabin Contest

This year the staff at our Colorado branch invited the contractors and applicators in their territory to enter their 1st Annual Log Home Contest.

Toy cabins were built from a kit and then decorated using products by PCS.

The winner was chosen by out managment team and received 1 gallon of Lifeline Accents wood finish...

It was a tough decision but in the end the entry by Waldon Hollow Chinking prevailed.  Congratulations!

waldon hollow chinking cabin

The winning entry by Waldon Hollow Chinking was created with Lifeline Accents Spruce #766 and Umber #758, and Energy Seal Sierra Brown #505. (above)

mountain state log homes cabin

Entry by Mountain State Log Homes of Arizona was created with Lifeline Accents Evergreen #770, Lifeline Ultra-2 Bronze #874 and Gentry Gray #842, and Perma-Chink Beige #216. (above)

leffler painting cabin

Entry by Leffler Painting & Chinking was created with Lifeline Accents Midnight #714, Lifeline Ultra-2 Gentry Gray #842, and Perma-Chink Tan #219. (above)

barefeet chinking cabin

Entry by Barefeet Chinking was created with Lifeline Accents Evergreen #770, Lifeline Ultra-2 Stone Gray #863, Lifeline Exterior Cinnamon #174, and Perma-Chink Tan #219. (above)

rifle colorado cabin

Toy cabin made by PCS staff members at our branch in Rifle, CO. (above)

proudly made in usa

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  • A simple comparison of the cost of a gallon of wood stain is a mistake because all stains differ in their lifespan, coverage rate and quality of appearance and protection

    Whether you’re currently building your dream log home or simply checking off tasks on your annual home-maintenance “to do” list, we’re always looking for ways to skimp on expenses around the house.

    But when it comes to putting your best foot forward with a beautifully stained home that’s also protected from the exterior elements, you might want to think twice before being lured in by the lower price tag of a middle-of-the-road finishing product.

    Think about it

  • Lifeline Ultra-7 stands out as THE top-of-the-line, long-lasting finish. Take a look at our tutorial video on proper application technique.

    Project Spotlight