Wood Stain Colors

Perma-Chink Systems (PCS) offers a broad range of Lifeline wood stain colors to beautify and protect the exterior and interior of your log or wood-sided home. There are over 50 wood stain colors to choose from; including natural wood tones, bold blues, reds and even greens!

To accentuate and highlight the natural beauty of wood Lifeline wood stain colors are designed to be highly transparent and tinted using trans-oxide pigments and universal colorants to compliment all wood species.  Lifeline wood stains will provide years of protection from UV exposure, rain and snow for your home.

Lifeline wood stains from Perma-Chink Systems are made in the U.S.A. to the highest manufacturing standards using only premium materials in the formula...

Lifeline wood stains are unlike other water-based acrylic formulas. They form a durable, waterproof film on the surface of the wood for maximum protection that outlasts the competition.

They key to the longevity of Lifeline wood stain is the two-step system consisting of a color coat and a clear coat. The color coat protects the wood while the clear coat protects the underlying color coat, much like an automotive finish.  Lifeline Advance clear topcoat is recommended on all vertical surfaces.

Remember to take advantage of our Free Sample program and test first on a piece of scrap wood or a small area on your home. All wood stain colors can be shipped free to your door or jobsite.  Testing first will ensure that the color you select is right for you.

PCS offers 4 exterior wood stains and 2 interior wood stains.

Lifeline Ultra-7 is a 1-coat exterior wood stain that that comes in 9 natural wood tones. It is formulated with trans-oxide pigments and includes our exclusive UV Boost additive.

Lifeline Ultra-2 is a 2-coat exterior wood stain that comes in 20 natural wood tones and includes our exclusive UV Boost additive.

Lifeline Exterior is a 2-coat exterior wood stain that comes in 10 natural wood tones.

Lifeline Interior is a 2-coat interior wood stain that comes in 14 natural wood tones.

Lifeline Accents are bold, exciting colors for both exterior and interior.  The 2-coat formula may be used on trim and fascia as well as log walls or wood siding.

Lifeline Wood Stain Colors (actual colors may vary by wood species and application technique)

Ultra-7 Colors

Ultra-2 Colors

Exterior Colors

Accents Colors

Interior Colors