Top 15 Log Home Manufacturers in the World

In July we are celebrating National Log Home Month. During the month of July, log home manufacturers will honor America’s log home heritage by hosting home tours, log raising demonstrations, log home building seminars and more. There are many different sizes and styles of log home construction to suit any homeowner's vision.


Here we present the TOP 15 Log Home Manufacturers, and invite you to visit their websites and see what they have to offer. Each manufacturer is outstanding in quality of craftsmanship, and this is not a ranked list.


1. Satterwhite Log Homes

 Satterwhite Log Homes


2. Whisper Creek Log Homes

Rocky Mountain Log Homes


3. Honest Abe Log Homes

Honest Abe Log Homes


4. Golden Eagle Log Homes

Golden Eagle Log Homes


5. StoneMill Log Homes

StoneMill Log Homes


6. Hearthstone Homes

Hearthstone Homes


7. Woodhaven Log and Lumber

Woodhaven Log Homes


8. True North Log Homes

True North Log Homes


9. Blue Ridge Log Cabins



10. Sierra Log Homes

Sierra Log Home


11. Katahdin Log Homes



12. Appalachian Log Homes

Appalachian Log Home


13. Fairview Log Homes

Fairview Log Homes


14. Wildwood Log Homes


15. Strongwood Log Homes