Which Performs Better, Advance Gloss or Advance Satin?

satin glossWhich Is the Best Log Home Topcoat

Occasionally we get asked which performs better, Advance Gloss or Advance Satin? Overall, both topcoats protect the finish and your log home exceptionally well. While it mainly comes down to personal preference on which log home topcoat you choose, as the manufacturer of the topcoat, we've learned some things that can tip the scales if you're undecided on which topcoat to select for your log or timber home. So the quick answer is: we recommend Advance Gloss.


When it comes to performance and longevity there is no doubt about it, a gloss topcoat will outperform a satin topcoat. Why? The most important factor is reflectivity. A smooth glossy surface reflects more ultraviolet (UV) light than a less reflective or dull one. This is why automotive finishes don't come in satin versions, and why a shiny coat of wax helps retain a vehicle's color.


The next factor is cleanliness. The smooth, slick surface provided by Advance Gloss sheds dirt easier than the Satin. That's because the flatting agent used in the Satin results in microscopic imperfections in the surface of the finish where airborne dust, pollen and pollutants can lodge. Although particulates can be removed with a good washing, it takes a bit more effort with a Satin finish than removing dirt from a Gloss surface.

Bee Deterrent

The last factor, at least in the Southeast, relates to how Advance Gloss reduces carpenter bee damage. A few years ago we did a survey of customers who used both our satin and gloss topcoats and the results clearly revealed that the gloss topcoat substantially reduced the number of carpenter bee holes. Although there was some reduction in carpenter bee activity using Advance Satin, it was not nearly as significant as the Gloss. Carpenter bees are searching for a wood space to create a chamber to lay their eggs. If this wood surface is coated and that coating is reflective, it created a mechanical deterrent for carpenter activity.

Order Samples To Test

Whenever requesting exterior finish samples, include a sample of Advance Gloss even if you are only interested in Advance Satin, so that you can see the difference for yourself. You may end up choosing the Gloss because of the way it looks and how it highlights the color of the stain. Although there are other gloss topcoats on the market, none that we have tested retained their level of gloss for more than a few months. Advance Gloss, on the other hand, has been on homes and walls since 2003, and they continue to retain most of their initial gloss.

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