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What Distinguishes Our Log & Timber Defense From Other Finishes?

Perma-Chink Systems® recently added another beautiful wood finish option for our customers - Log and Timber Defense™. Unlike our traditional Lifeline wood finishes, Log and Timber Defense penetrates your wood much like an oil coating. Once Log and Timber Defense penetrates the wood surface, it forms a strong lattice network within the wood, reinforcing and strengthening the entire system from the inside out. This mechanism greatly reduces the chances of peeling and flaking by leaving the system breathable to water vapor. Many traditional oil-based finishes can also form a network, but are often so high in solids that they can easily blister and peel. Vapor pressure builds up behind the thick, unbreathable solid film and pushes the film away from the wood. This leads to an unfortunate situation requiring removal of the compromised coating down to bare wood.

Log and Timber Defense is designed to be applied to bare wood in one or two coats. If it is applied to wood that already has an existing coating, this can prevent it from forming the lattice network inside the wood. We have had some customers ask: “Can I apply a topcoat such as Lifeline Advance™ to Log and Timber Defense?” We do not recommend application of a topcoat. The reason we do not recommend this is because when a maintenance coat is needed in the future, there will be difficulty with penetration into the wood because the topcoat forms a barrier to penetration leaving a film on surface. This could leave undesirable surface defects as well as an uneven appearance. Furthermore, it could lead to peeling and flaking of the film.

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Texture is another property that distinguishes Log and Timber Defense from our Lifeline Stains. Due to its penetrating nature, Log and Timber Defense leaves the surface with a more naturalistic rustic beauty. It will appear much flatter in appearance. However, if a slightly different look is desired, a second coat of Log & Timber Defense may be applied but the appearance will remain relatively flat. The second coat will increase color intensity and provide an increased level of overall protection for the system.

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In contrast, our traditional Lifeline Stains are breathable film formers. This is to say they form a film directly on the surface of the wood but do not penetrate deeply into the wood. When applied correctly our Lifeline stains are not likely to peel due to their breathability and excellent adhesion. They are, however, only slightly more likely than Log and Timber Defense to peel due to their film forming nature. In addition, our Lifeline Stains are designed to be applied over our existing topcoat with no problems with adhesion, color development or film defects. The Lifeline stains will provide a much higher level of gloss development than Log and Timber Defense due to the films being primarily on the surface of the wood, with the added benefit of being able to apply the gloss topcoat to finish the system. 



Both our Lifeline Stains and Log and Timber Defense are formulated with ingredients that inhibit the growth of mold and mildew. Log and Timber Defense is both a stain and sealant in one package. It helps to keep liquid water out which reduces biological growth that can attack and destroy your wood. In contrast, traditional natural oils such as Linsead Oil can easily promote growth of mold and mildew. Finally, both Log & Timber Defense and Lifeline Stains are both waterborne, low in odor, have easy soap and water cleanup, and are non-flammable. Each of our stains and finishes offer unique properties designed to give your home the very best protection possible.

For more information about our finishes please visit our website, and click Wood Finishes.

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