Which goes on first? Stain or sealants?

The answer to this question depends mainly on which sealant is used and how you want your home to look.

Sealant Choice

If you’re using Perma-Chink chinking, we recommend staining your home first with a Lifeline stain of your choice, then seal the log gaps with Perma-Chink, and finish with Lifeline Advance Topcoat. The application of Advance will make the home easier to clean (recommended two times per year).

If you’re using Energy Seal or Woodsman, and you don’t want log gaps or the sealant to be noticeable, we recommend applying the sealant first, then apply your choice of Lifeline stain and topcoat. For the least visible Energy Seal lines, select a color that is a shade lighter than the stain color. If you like the aesthetics of visible lines, you can apply Energy Seal after the application of a Lifeline stain and before Lifeline Advance.

What If I’m just applying a new coat of Lifeline? Do I need to redo my chinking?

If you’re just applying a maintenance coat, or just want a new color for your home, you do not have to rip out your old chinking. You can either mask off the current chinking before staining, or you can use our Chink Paint to refresh the color after staining.

What about when to seal checks?

Another issue you will have is with upward-facing checks. These are the cracks in the wood that end up collecting water and lead to log deterioration. We offer Check Mate 2, a highly flexible sealant that will create a seal in the check, preventing water from entering the log. Checks can appear at any time as the logs age, it’s a natural occurrence.

If your logs have checks before you stain and seal your home, seal the checks now. Check Mate 2 will accept stain. Just make sure you select a Check Mate 2 color one shade lighter before staining.

Final Answer

The order which you apply stains and sealants varies on what you're currently working with. For the best performance, we recommend stain first, seal second, and apply Advance Topcoat third. This will provide the best protection of your home.

You can read more about applying sealants in our Sealants Guide PDF.

Last modified on Friday, 02 November 2018 20:59

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