A Letter from Rich Dunstan in Response to COVID-19

To Our Customers and Manufacturers, Dealers, and Applicator Partners

The entire Nation is stalled with this Coronavirus, Federal State and Local governments are gridlocked on what they should and can do, local business are trying to figure out if they should or can continue to function and there is uncertainty everywhere. Bottom line is we don’t know how long beating this virus will take or what options we might have to weather the storm. But one thing we do know is that if we can’t work, we don’t have income. In my opinion we don’t run on handouts or the hope of money dropping out of the sky – we take care of our own and make our own way.

All of our Branches and our Knoxville Manufacturing facility are currently open, stocked with inventory and operational and will do so until such time as we are required to close. We can currently ship material from existing inventory but if our Manufacturing Plant were to close we will burn through inventory in 3 to 4 weeks. If that happens our Partners will be without material which could mean they can’t do a job which means they have no income. None of us want to see that happen.

In order to protect you and your business I am offering an opportunity that I think will help at no additional cost to you.

I hear from Dealers, Applicators, and Manufacturers that they have jobs lined up and scheduled through a large part of this year. Likely that means that estimates have been made, job schedules have been logged, and hopefully material requirements have been identified. But of course if you can’t get materials, none of that makes much difference.

Recognizing that and the uncertainty we all face with this virus I am offering you an extension of your payment terms from 30 days to 90 days for all new orders. This offer will be effective through May 15.

If you are a new Commercial Customer we will expedite Credit Approval to get you on board. That means that if you have scheduled jobs and know what materials you need you can purchase them now, keep ‘next job’ materials in your storage, and have the materials when you need them – at no additional cost.

We are all in this together and we will beat this virus, take care of our families, and emerge stronger.

Thank you.

Rich Dunstan, President