Lifeline Interior – The Only Natural BREATHABLE Wood Finish!

Lifeline Interior is a natural looking, transparent wood finish. It forms a breathable protective layer for your walls and ceilings while highlighting the beauty and grain of the wood. Our unique breathable formula allows natural wood moisture to escape from the wood yet provides a tough surface film that can easily be cleaned and dusted, especially when top coated with our Acrylic Gloss or Satin clear finish.


To understand, it takes a little bit of chemistry and physics but the concept is fairly simple. Technically, for those of you who want to impress friends, the scientific term is vapor permeability - the ability of water vapor to permeate through a film.

Polymer films are composed of long chains of molecules that are bound together in a three-dimensional matrix. This matrix is quite dense in films like polyurethane and alkyd coatings, and there is not much space between the polymer chains. This prevents small water vapor molecules from making their way through the film. On the other hand, Lifeline finishes form a less-dense matrix with room enough for water vapor molecules to penetrate through the film, but not enough space to allow liquid water to make its way into - or through - the film.

You can think of it in terms of a film with a bunch of small holes, or pores, that filter out large objects but allow smaller objects to pass through them. In chemistry these types of films are known as semi-permeable membranes, but in our industry we call them breathable.

Another factor that influences vapor permeability is the thickness of the film. The thicker the film, the more difficult it becomes for water vapor molecules to make their way through. That’s one reason we encourage you to apply our finishes in thin layers. When applied too thickly, even acrylic latex films can have difficulty breathing.

If you use one of our Lifeline Interior color stains, the colorants in the finish help stabilize color of the wood and slow down, or even prevent, the fading that you may notice when removing pictures or furniture from against the wall. If using Lifeline Interior Clear, we recommend the addition of UV Boost to the first coat to help prevent this “picture frame” effect due to UV light exposure. Since interior surfaces are not exposed to harsh weather, two coats of Lifeline Interior are not necessary. However, you can apply multiple coats of Lifeline Interior in order to achieve the appearance you desire.

Lifeline Interior is easy to apply. It can be applied by brush, spray or pad. Lifeline Interior dries to the touch in one hour and clean-up is easy, just use soap and water.

One of the best reasons to use Lifeline Interior is that it reduces the absorption of pet, fireplace, and cooking odors into the wood.

Lifeline Interior resists yellowing and is non-flammable and virtually odorless. Like all of our premium finishes, it allows the natural look and beauty of all species of wood to come through. Lifeline Interior can be used on new or existing log homes as long as the surfaces are clean and dry.

You can now order Lifeline Interior in any color you desire in addition to our 13 standard colors plus Clear. For a custom color, or color matching please call 1-800-548-3554. You can request wet samples to try on your logs by calling 1-800-548-3554 or by visiting our online store.

Note: All Lifeline stains and finishes are water-based and do not contain petroleum distillates. They comply with all State and Federal regulations for contained volatile organic compound (VOC). In addition, being concerned with keeping living areas as healthy as possible, our interior finishes are specifically formulated to meet the highest interior air quality standards.