The Best Sealer And Primer For Blasted Wood Surfaces

PRELUDE is a clear wood sealer and primer for surfaces that have been media blasted. PRELUDE is enhanced with UV Boost for maximum protection against graying due to ultraviolet light exposure.

Over the past few years media blasting has become a popular tool for removing old finishes in preparation for applying a new coat of stain. However, media blasting significantly increases the porosity of the wood, thus allowing it to absorb much more stain than those wood surfaces that have been chemically stripped, sanded, or pressure washed.

This high absorption results in a darker final stain color than that typically reflected by a color chart. In addition, wood is not uniform and media blasting often emphasizes the differences in wood grain absorption, even on a single log. This results in streaks and blotches due to varying amount of stain absorbed by different areas of the wood. PRELUDE solves many of the potential problems created by media blasting.

One coat of PRELUDE primer fills the pores of the wood and provides a uniform surface film in preparation for the application of a pigmented stain. However it should be noted that PRELUDE is a wood sealer/primer and is not suitable as a clear, final finish!

Blasted Surface Sealed with Prelude


Recommendations for the use of Prelude:

1. After a home has been media blasted.

2. If a home is aggressively pressure washed to the point where the surface is feathered and the porosity of the wood varies from area to area.

3. On wood where the surface has been unevenly sanded.

4. On rough cut siding before the application of the color coat(s).

5. If a section of a wall has been repaired or replaced and the new sections don’t match the surface characteristics of the old.

6. Whenever an older home (more than 80 years old) is going to be restored. Once the surface of old wood is cleaned of grayed wood it typically takes on the porosity characteristics of a blasted surface.

7. Whenever you want to use only clear coats on interior surfaces. Although Interior Clear can be used, the use of Prelude as the first sealing coat is a better deal, since it already contains UV Boost. Once the Prelude dries, Acrylic Gloss or Satin or Sure Shine™ Gloss or Satin can be applied over it.

8. Whenever a home is completed but may remain without an exterior finish for many months, a coat of Prelude will help prevent surface graying and make it easier to clean when it comes time to stain. Adding a dose of Stay Clean™ to the Prelude will help also prevent the growth of surface mold and mildew.

For use exclusively with Lifeline wood finishes.