Applying Sure Shine

Sure Shine™ Gloss or Satin is a water-based, urethane-acrylic, interior clear finish for application on both horizontal and vertical surfaces; however, the application of a urethane-acrylic finishes is a bit different than those based on acrylic latex polymers. For example, our pigmented Lifeline™ stains and Advance and Acrylic Topcoats should be thoroughly mixed and brushed out as far as they will go. This may include vigorous back-brushing. However, this technique does not work when applying Sure Shine and its proper application is a bit different than any of our other finish systems.

Being a urethane-acrylic hybrid, Sure Shine is very susceptible to air entrapment. That's why the label states to gently stir Sure Shine using a paint paddle or stick and not to shake or agitate the container as this creates foam that may result in air bubbles within the finish. Vigorously brushing Sure Shine will also entrap air resulting in a rough surface with lots of visible air bubbles.

For best results, Sure Shine should be applied with a good quality brush or pad using slow strokes. It can also be applied with a High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) sprayer but only spray small areas at a time and slowly back-brush. Since Sure Shine dries fairly rapidly, back-brushing must be accomplished within a couple of minutes of application. If it begins to dry, back-brushing will leave striations in the finish that will have to be sanded out if a smooth surface is desired.

Another application tip about Sure Shine relates to sanding. Typically, the application of a water-based finish directly to wood has a tendency to raise the wood grain; therefore, the first coat of Sure Shine may not be completely smooth. Allow Sure Shine to dry for 1-2 hours before sanding is attempted. Lightly sanding with sandpaper (180 grit or higher) or a buffing brush to remove all of the small bumps, ridges, and other imperfections. If the film is just the slightest bit soft, sanding will generate little pills of finish and make a mess of the surface. Once the first coat is sanded smooth, subsequent coats of Sure Shine can be applied without sanding between coats.

If you want a smooth, deep lustrous finish on your interior wood surfaces, Sure Shine is hard to beat. And remember that Sure Shine can be applied over any of our Interior finishes including Acrylic Gloss and Satin.

Last modified on Wednesday, 28 August 2019 18:24