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Bulk Loading Guns

The first question about bulk loading guns is if they are worth buying. For example*, comparing the retail cost of Perma-Chink in pails to 30 ounce tubes; the price of two pails is $591.98, whereas the price of an equivalent amount of Perma-Chink in 30 oz.
tubes is $1079.60. Rather than buying four cases of 30oz. tubes you can purchase two pails of Perma-Chink and an Albion Bulk Loading Gun and a Follow Plate for $166.98 and still have $320.64 leftover. Plus you will have a great tool for future use.

In the case of Energy Seal, the savings are even greater. Two pails of Energy Seal plus the Bulk Loading Gun and Follow Plate ends up being $334.64 less expensive than four cases of 30oz. tubes.

So now that we know that they can save you money, how easy are they to use? First of all, don’t try to save more money by not buying the Follow Plate. The Follow Plate is an integral part of the Bulk Loading Gun system and trying to load a gun without it can be a very frustrating and messy experience.

*Pricing example based on retail pricing as of 4/1/2022 and may not reflect current actual pricing

Let’s go through the procedure of loading and using an Albion Bulk Loading Gun step by step.

1. Remove the lid and the plastic liner from the pail. Put them aside and try to keep them clean in case you need to reseal the pail later.

2. Place the follow plate on top of the product in the pail making sure that there is a good seal between the wall of the pail and the flexible edges of the follow plate.

3. Remove the cap and cone tip from the end of the Albion gun barrel and ensure that the rod and plunger are fully forward.

4. Push the end of the barrel onto the lip surrounding the hole in the middle of the Follow Plate. Make sure the gun is perpendicular to the plate, and there is a tight seal between the barrel and the O-ring. If the barrel is tilted, air will be sucked into the gun during the loading process.

5. Depress the rod release plate and draw back the rod with a smooth, even pull. Make sure the barrel stays flush with the plate and don’t tilt the gun as you pull the rod back.

6. Once the rod is fully extended and the barrel is full of product, give the trigger one squeeze then disengage the barrel from the Follow Plate with a twisting motion.

7. Attach the end cap and cone tip to the end of the barrel. Make sure the tip of the cone is cut to the diameter of the bead you want to apply.

8. Apply sealant using the same technique as you would use with a standard caulk tube and ratchet gun.

9. To remove the Follow Plate from an empty or partially used container, insert the handle rod into the open nut on the surface of the plate and pull it out.

10. Replace plastic liner over the surface of the sealant.

11. Replace the lid. Make sure that it is seated tight on the pail.

Tip: Make sure that the plungers are positioned correctly on the end of the rod. If the gun begins to suck air, tighten the blue base with the wrench that comes with the gun.


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