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Buying the System

In the early 1980s Rich Dunstan, our founder and company president, had to come up with a company name. Although Perma-Chink Log Home Chinking was the only product manufactured at the time, he choose Perma-Chink Systems, Inc. The name was chosen because he had a vision of developing a full line of products to construct, clean, preserve, seal, finish and maintain the wood components of a log home. Over the years Rich has fulfilled his dream and Perma-Chink Systems, Inc. has become a systems company. No other log home related company offers the broad range of products that we do. However, this large product offering presents a challenge to our own salespeople. We expect them to achieve a high degree of expertise in a wide variety of different product lines. To reach this goal we devote hours of training so that they can knowledgably assist our customers.

Since we are a systems-based company, we have put together a family of products that work together and complement each other. We are often asked questions similar to, is our Energy Seal compatible with ABC Stain or can LIFELINE be used on a home that has been cleaned with XYZ Wood Cleaner? There are hundreds of small regional manufacturers of these products scattered across the country, with full disclosure of ingredients not always given. Since we cannot test all products, the compatibility of these with Perma-Chink products are unknown.

We make every effort to communicate with our customers that we do not sell individual products that can be used indiscriminately with products from other manufacturers. We sell a system of products that work together. When a customer chooses to step outside of our system, problems may develop that can be challenging to solve. Homeowners often understand our system concept better than some applicators/contractors. Over the years, some professionals have found a favorite local manufacturer they prefer for a cleaner, caulk or stain. Then a customer wants him/her to use LIFELINE Ultra-2. The home gets cleaned with XYZ Wood Cleaner, followed by LIFELINE Ultra-2 and Advance, with the home being sealed with AAA caulk. A month or so later we get a call that the wood under the stain has developed dark spots and the caulk is falling out of the checks. The applicator or homeowner comes to us for help because they believe the problem is a result of our product since they have been using the same cleaner and caulk for years.

We often have a difficult time determining the root cause of the failure since we do not know the compatibility of XYZ Wood Cleaner or AAA caulk to our stains. That is why it is important to obtain all your products from Perma-Chink Systems, a systems company, to avoid such problems.

The principle of utilizing our systems is that we have spent many years developing products that work, are safe to use and are compatible with one another. We pride ourselves on being the log home industry leader by constantly making improvements to our finish and sealant systems. We stay abreast of the latest developments in polymer technology and additives. This approach has kept us well ahead of our competitors. We have occasionally been criticized for making changes;however, those changes have resulted in better performance, increased beauty, and easier application of our products.

Another vision that Rich Dunstan had from the beginning of Perma-Chink Systems was to manufacture only products that were friendly to our environment. Yes, we were green when the definition of green was the color of grass. We started making water-based stains when 90% of the log home stains were oil-based. We also invented and introduced the first low toxicity borate-based wood preservative that could be applied to an existing log home. Over the years we have consistently considered the environmental impact of all our products and removed or changed those that did not meet our high environmental standards. This too is a part of our systems concept. Not only do our products work with each other but they also work to protect our environment.

Last modified on Friday, 22 December 2023 21:30