Chink Paint (Textured & Smooth)

Chink Paint™ is a high quality, elastomeric latex paint used to refresh or change the color of your log home chinking. Chink Paint is available in all eight standard colors of Perma-Chink® in either a textured or smooth finish (with or without aggregate, respectively). This difference provides the customer a choice as to whether or not they would like to add additional texture to the appearance of the chink joint.

Chink Paint can be used in several situations. Some log homes have cosmetic chink joints that serve no purpose other than giving the home the appearance of a chink-style structure. These false chink joints are typically quite shallow and do not allow enough room in the joint for both backing material and the proper recommended thickness of chink. It is much easier to paint the joint with Chink Paint Textured than it is to apply a thin layer (less than 3/8 inch) of Perma-Chink and be more susceptible to negative performance qualities like tears and blistering.

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When staining a home that is already chinked, it takes less effort to paint the existing chinking with Chink Paint than it does to try to protect the chinking with masking tape during the staining process. It is virtually impossible to prevent some stain from getting on the chinking and once stained, it is extremely difficult to clean or paint the discolored areas and blend with the surrounding chinking.

If you are applying a new finish to your home, you may as well refresh or even change the color of your existing chinking. This really gives the home a new, clean look. Since Chink Paint has a texture identical to Perma-Chink, it’s impossible to tell if the surface is original Perma-Chink or Chink Paint.

When applying Chink Paint, the first step is to make sure the product is well mixed. Chink Paint, both Textured and Smooth, contain a blend of raw material ingredients that need to be uniformly dispersed to ensure proper color, adhesion and long term performance. Furthermore, Chink Paint Textured contains an aggregate to give it the similar textured appearance to Perma-Chink. Over time this aggregate may settle to the bottom of the pail, so it’s important to stir it well to make sure the contents of the container are uniform before beginning.

Chink Paint is best applied using a paint brush with about two to three inches of fairly stiff bristles. An expensive brush is not needed, and can be disposed of once the job is completed. A chip brush works just fine, especially for the textured version. Keep a wet rag handy to wipe off any Chink Paint that may get on stained surfaces and clean-up with soap and water.

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