Log Home Inspection Checklist

Inspection Checklist


Wall A

Wall B

Wall C

Wall D

Wall E

Wall F

Are gutters and downspouts clean and working?


Overall condition of roof and dormers.


Are shrubs and tree limbs away from the roof, walls, and foundation?


Sprinklers not hitting the wall?


Are there signs of finish wear or fading?


Check eaves and fascia.


What about the window and door trim?


Is the foundation in good shape?


Check plumbing and electrical penetrations.


Are crawl space vents clear and working properly?


Are there any signs of leaks around windows?


Are there cracks, tears or adhesion loss in chinking or caulking?


Are there any new checks that may need sealing?


Are there any signs of insect or decay infestations?


Are the exposed log ends showing signs of water penetration?


Does the topcoat still look to be intact or is it becoming dull?


Is the color coat showing signs of fading or darkening?


Have any discolorations appeared under the finish?


Are there any signs of peeling around checks and fissures?



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