Mixing Lifeline Advance Satin

Although there is not much difference in the formulation between Lifeline Advance™ Satin and Advance Gloss, Advance Satin contains a flatting agent for the purpose of reducing its reflectivity, or "gloss." This raw material can settle to the bottom of the container over time.

It’s important to mix ALL of our finishes before and during use, including Advance. Since it does contain a flatting agent, be sure to shake or mix Advance Satin until none of the flatting agent remains at the bottom of the pail or gallon container. Secondly, the container should be mixed or shaken during use every 20 to 30 minutes to assure a uniform dispersion. This will avoid areas of a wall or home looking “flatter” than others.

If inadequately mixed Advance Satin is applied to a wall, the only way to remove the white residue is to strip the entire finish off and start over again.


Last modified on Wednesday, 07 February 2018 23:42

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