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Download the "Inspection Checklist" in PDF here. pdf small

Exterior Inspection

When inspecting the general exterior of the building, look for:

  1. Landscape plants within 36 inches of exterior walls. Landscaping tips.
  2. Gutters & down spouts everywhere in good working order.
  3. Check for decaying wood within 12 inches of (or especially in contact with) ground.
  4. Wood piles at least 18 inches away from house.
  5. General patterns of fading of the finish.
  6. Look more carefully at areas that are most exposed to weather. South- and West-facing walls usually receive more sun exposure. Walls facing prevailing winds are exposed to more rain.
  7. Pay special attention to all logs and ends extending to or beyond roof overhangs.
  8. Make sure that no sprinkler directs water at the wall. Including water patterns on windy days!

Check for weathering patterns that can include:

  • Fading of the finish.
  • Water staining on exposed log ends.
  • Water staining on exposed walls.
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