Protecting Uncured Chinking

Although we have never identified exactly what it is, there is a magical ingredient in Perma-Chink that acts as a magnet to human fingers. Put an adult or juvenile male anywhere close to a wall with a fresh application of Perma-Chink, and the first thing that happens is one hand comes out of their pocket and one, two, or even three fingers are magnetically attracted to the chink joint.

Once in contact with the chinking, as much force as physically possible is applied to see if the chinking will give. Occasionally female fingers are attracted to Perma-Chink, but in their case the amount of applied pressure is considerably less since it’s more a matter of feeling the texture than seeing how hard the chinking is. In either case, if the Perma-Chink has been freshly applied, evidence of their chinking inspection will be permanently imparted to the chink joint.protectinguncuredchinking

So what’s the best way to protect freshly applied chinking until it cures? You can always try a “DO NOT TOUCH” sign but from our experience it appears that most chinking inspectors can’t read. This means that you need to place some type of physical barrier between the finger pokers and the chinking.

Sheets of cardboard stapled over the chinking work quite well. Just be sure that they are high enough to discourage any tall folks and low enough so the little tykes can’t get to the wall. Sheets of plastic film loosely draped over the chinking can also work, but they won’t stop a truly determined finger poker. You don’t want to stretch the plastic tight over the chink joints since it will inhibit water from evaporating out of the Perma-Chink and significantly delay the curing process.

The length of time you’ll need to leave the covering in place depends on the weather. If it’s warm and dry, the chinking will probably be cured enough in three to four weeks to resist finger poking, but if it’s cool and damp it may take two to three months before it’s safe to remove it. In any case, you’ve probably spent a lot of time, money, and effort in obtaining a great looking chinking job and protecting it for a few weeks is well worth it.

Last modified on Friday, 16 February 2018 17:51

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