Stain and Topcoat Additives to Lifeline Finishes


NBS-30 is an oil-based insecticide additive for paints and stains. Pure and simple, oils and water do not work together and we DO NOT approve the use of NBS-30 in any of our finishes.

Bug Juice

Bug Juice is also an insecticide additive consisting of a suspension of Deltamethrin in water. Since it is water-based, it is chemically compatible with our finish systems, but when added to Lifeline Advance™ Gloss, it significantly reduces the transparency and gloss of the topcoat.

One of the questions regarding Bug Juice is, does it work? First, insects like carpenter bees, lady bugs, boxelder bugs, and other annoying log home pests are not included on the Bug Juice label. In fact, the only labeled target pests are cockroaches, ants, silverfish, mosquitoes, and weevils. Second, according to their web site, no efficacy studies were conducted longer than 48 hours after application. The bottom line is that there is no data to support the notion that Bug Juice deters carpenter bee infestations, nor does the manufacturer make any claims to that effect.


Bitrex is a bittering agent occasionally used to discourage wildlife from gnawing on logs and other wood members. Its major use is as an additive to liquid household products to keep young children from tasting them. Although it is occasionally added to paint, Bitrix is not compatible with Advance and should never be mixed together with any our finishes. It can be used in a water solution on top of our finishes once they have cured, but it must be reapplied after a heavy rain since it is easily washed away.

Stay Clean I/E

In high humidity environments that are prone to heavy mold growth we do recommend the addition of Stay Clean I/E to give the finish an added boost of mildewcide. Stay Clean I/E is only effective when added to the last coat of finish that’s exposed to the atmosphere. Adding it to our color coats does no good at all.

However, there is one situation where the addition of Stay Clean to Prelude™ should be considered. Occasionally we get a call from someone who has built a new home or is in the process of refinishing an older home in the fall time of the year. The onset of cold weather may interfere with completing the exterior finish work, so they want to protect the exterior log surfaces until spring. A coat of Prelude will help keep the walls clean and prevent UV graying through the winter months. But since Prelude does not contain a surface mildewcide, the addition of Stay Clean I/E is recommended.

The only negative impact the addition of Stay Clean has to our Advance Topcoats is that it reduces the transparency and reflectivity of Advance Gloss by about 30%.


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