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Hi Greg,

I would like to let you know how very much I appreciate your help and assistance with the process of re-staining my cabin. I was a bit overwhelmed, and a little anxious about doing the project myself. Once I was put in touch with Greg, and we discussed the individual steps of the entire process, worked out the expected sq. footage, and decided on the proper chemicals, the plan all came together.

First, Greg was a fantastic help in getting samples sent out for comparison of the current cabin color. Next, we determined the supplies (cleaner, stain, topcoat) for my project. An amazing surprise was the speedy shipping. I believe that my order was placed about 1pm on a Friday, and FedEx rolled up my driveway to delivery the supplies at 9:30 the next morning!

The pdf files online and the discussions with Greg gave me clear instructions on the steps for my project, and all things considered, it couldn't have gone smoother. One unforeseen, minor setback that I encountered, is one sun-exposed wall was much thirstier than planned for, and I ended up using more stain than anticipated. One easy reorder call and a resupply is headed my way.

Again, I thank you greatly for your expertise and assistance in making my project a "honey did" instead of a "honey do".

Josh Smith


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