From Glenn in MT

This is to thank you for your products. As a Professional Finisher and Chinker, I have used several different products. What I have come to love about Perma-Chink Products is how well each product is on an individual basis, but more than that how well they work with each other as a complete system.

The Chink material was phenomenal. I used this product and saw firsthand how user friendly it is and how great it stands up. It also cut my labor cost approximately 35%, which enables me to keep more money in the company so that we can continue to grow. The stains apply nice and appear to be very durable.

Thank you for introducing me and my company to your products. I look forward to having many more satisfied customers using your Perma-Chink Systems products"

Glenn S. in MT

Last modified on Thursday, 18 September 2014 21:25